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I am 50 years old and I am continuously ill. I have been several times in hospital to treat my circulatory failure and arteriosclerosis over the last 5 years. My health has been deteriorating very quickly, with terrible pain in my chest so I could not walk anymore.
I am leaving "Arkadia" as one new born. The chest pain has gone, I walk very well, and I feel well. I hope that "Arkadia" will continue and the next to suffer can come and be cured like me.
Alicja Okroje (Mrs) , Pawlikowice

In November last year I was in a holiday home where you, doctor, treated me. For the last six months I had had pain in my right hand and cramp of my fingers caused by changes in the neck spine. At the end of the treatment you talked to me and my friend about the optimal diet. What you have said contradicted all that I believed, and I must admit I had serious reservations about what you said. However, the longer I thought about it the more I accepted the logic behind it and, in consequence, your argument.
Finally I decided to give your advice a month's try. It started like that. Now six months have passed since I started eating according to your suggestions. In gratitude to you I think that it is my duty to tell about the results I have achieved. The pain in my hand stopped, as did the cramp. The pain in my spine nearly ceased completely. I have lost 3 kg although I have never eaten so much fat as I do now, weighing 53 kg to my height of 152 cm. I feel very well, have a lot energy and desire to work. For years, sometimes I have had insomnia but now I sleep for a shorter time but I am well rested after a good night.
For the first time my gums do not bleed during spring time as they used to in spite of my eating enormous amounts of lemons, apples, and oranges. At the beginning of my diet I had a craving for sweets. Now when I eat a lump of sugar I feel bad and my liver gives me a problem. I have to write how grateful and obliged to you I am.
Best greetings.
S. P. (Mrs), Warsaw

Thank you very much for your prompt answer. I was touched and start crying like a small child. Nobody, in all my life, ever showed me so quickly and accurately the truth about my disease. I admire you. You have all Poland in your care. I am 48 years old, I have never drunk alcohol nor smoked cigarettes. I was born of a poor but respectable family.
My Mama was in straight line descent from Mickiewicz family. I am asking you for help. According to the Bible to cure one man is a big gift from God, what about you who has cured thousands. You did this not as a duty, not from an order but only from good will to help people. I have deeply regret I did not find you earlier, doctor. This is the fault of Medicine and the doctors. Doctors who diagnose but do not cure! World's authorities?!
With regards.
J. P. (Mr)

Born again! I have had chronic coronary disease for a few years. In 1994 I went to hospital where I made some progress and was prescribed some pills and told that I should not undergo any physical strain. In 1995 I went to hospital in May and in June but my health still deteriorated . In September 1995 I came to Doctor Kwasniewski to Ciechocinek with all my laboratory and hospital results.
Dr. Kwasniewski said that he could help if I would use the Optimal Diet. Cardiologists from the Specialist Clinic in Lodz sent me to the Central Hospital in Warsaw for angiography but my condition became worse. I then began using the Optimal Diet and prescribed pills. Dr. Kwasniewski maintained that after 3 months on Optimal Diet the pain should cease and I could omit the pills.
In April 1996 I again had an appointment for angiography but the situation became better so it was no longer needed. In May 1996 the pain vanished completely, I stopped all pills and I feel well. I can walk and I can do all my work without any pain. I am still going to the Cardiology Clinic in Lodz ,where the doctors are very happy that my health improved. However they do not know the cause of my improvement but think that the pills helped.
I am very thankful to Dr. Kwasniewski. Thanks to him I was born a second time. I am willing to help with all the information about my disease. My wife has been treated for hypertension for 8 years. She had a haemorrhage caused by hypertension. She was in hospital for one month in 1990. She was better after hospital but 5 months later again had headache and further treatment in the outpatient clinic. Taking pills gave pain relief for a short time but the pain returned again. When my wife started using Optimal Diet she had radical improvement in her hypertension. Her weight dropped 4 kg in a month and 8 kg after two months.
We can help with any questions.
M. Stepien (Mr)

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