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I had had apoplectic stroke (cerebrovascular accident) and arterial sclerosis before I came to Dr. Kwasniewski. I could walk only about 150 metres owing to the pain. I also suffered from psoriasis of my head skin. Now I can walk about 1.5 - 2.0 km without any pain.
The psoriasis disappeared. It is difficult to express in words my gratitude to Dr. Kwasniewski for now I want to live. Thousand thanks.
Bogumil Nowakowski (Mr) , Kielce

I came to the clinic with acute pain of my limbs and stomach. After 11 days the pain of my limbs stopped. I could stand up 14 times at the beginning of treatment and 40 times without pain at the end of my stay. The pain in my stomach ceased completely. I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Kwasniewski for restoring my health.
I wish Dr. Kwasniewski all the best.
Tadeusz Pasternak (Mr)

I came to Ciechocinek on 18 March this year with chronic rheumatic arthritis. I have had the disease for 12 years. My erythrocyte sedimentation rate which was in three-figures dropped to 17 in two weeks. The spine pain has ceased completely. The strength of my legs and hands has returned.
I congratulate Doctor Kwasniewski on his devotion and care for people for whom medicine is helpless. The authorities should allow the doctor to work for the benefit all suffering people.
I wish you further success in your work. With gratitude to all the personnel.
Anna Pietrzyk (Mrs), Kazimierza Wielka

I have had arteriosclerosis for 15 years and diabetes for 4 years. I found out about Dr Jan Kwasniewski from a TV programme and I visited him on 9 December last year. He has given me instructions how to feed myself and has prescribed 15 Selective Current sessions.
I had previously been treated in Wroclaw Clinic where doctors wanted to amputate my legs, but I had not agreed. Doctor Kwasniewski's treatment has improved my health. I can walk a few hundred metres. My diabetes is cured completely. My blood sugar is 85 mg% (4.7 mmol/L) and I have taken no diabetic pills since February.
I heartily thank Doctor Kwasniewski for returning me to health
Jan Sobanski (Mr), Konin

I have had Buerger's disease for 2 years. Pain at rest started last November. My walking has been limited to a few steps only. I feel very well after the treatment in this clinic. The pain at rest disappeared after 3 days. The distance I can walk has increased considerably so I can walk without limit. The ulceration of my toe started healing.
I acknowledge the success of Dr Kwasniewski's treatment methods, and the effort he tries to propagate them among people. With regards.
Halina Heng (Mrs)

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