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At the age of 22 I fell ill with Bechterew's disease which progressed very quickly. Today I am 40 and for the last 5 years I never had a day without severe pain in my spine and hip joints. Getting up from a bed or a chair was very painful and I could not sleep at night for the pain. I came to Arkadia with erythrocyte sedimentation rate 30/62, and bending over I could get no closer to the floor than 35 cm.
After Selective Current and the Optimal Diet all pain eased after 4 days and erythrocyte sedimentation rate dropped to 13. I began to sleep normally again. I have been playing table tennis for the last 3 days, and moving is no problem for me. Today I am going home, my erythrocyte sedimentation rate is 5 and bending to the floor I am short by only 10 cm. After 18 years of illness, within 14 days I was returned to society very fit and quite certain that I shall soon be completely cured ( I have good reason to think that way and I consider in my case is such big event that the whole world should know about it).
I wish, Dr Kwasniewski, that more doctors would follow in your footsteps and open similar practices in Poland and worldwide, making a better contribution to public health. Sick people would return to society and again work productively. With respect and admiration to the doctor and his methods.

Ryszard Jozefowicz (Mr), Bydgoszcz

Presently I am 26 y. o. I developed rheumatoid arthritis when I was 3. Since then, I have been to many hospitals and sanatoria. Regrettably, all the treatments I was subjected to in these places were not very effective. Lately, I gave up on any kind of treatment, not counting some exercises and pain-killers without which it would have been difficult for me to move. I understood that medicine is powerless, particularly in my case.
Today, leaving Ciechocinek, I simply believe in, and have the greatest of respect for, the treatment methods used by Dr Kwasniewski. My pains are mostly gone; I do not take any medication; the joints are no longer as stiff as previously; I have a strange feeling of lightness, and have the will to live! But it has been only 2 weeks. What will happen in a month? A year?
I would like to finish by saying that one should never give up but instead one should follow the principle: "In order to be healthy follow the advice of Dr Kwasniewski ". I am exhilarated and grateful to everyone for everything.
Wojciech Appelt (Mr), Inowroclaw

I came to Arkadia with asthma which I have had for 21 years. Thanks to Doctor Kwasniewski after 3 days I stopped all medication which I have never done before. At present I smoke many cigarettes and asthma does not give me any problem. Pain has disappeared from my legs and spine.
I thank Dr. Kwasniewski for this and I am very happy and convinced that I will have no more trouble with this sickness with which is so difficult to live. From a grateful patient.

H. Wasiak (Mrs), Sochaczew

I arrived at Ciechocinek 18 January 1988. I had rheumatoid arthritis and my erythrocyte sedimentation rate was 137. I could hardly move my hands and legs and had terrible pain in my spine and all my joints. After 2 weeks my erythrocyte sedimentation rate dropped to 50 and pain had ceased.
So effective were the Optimal Diet and Selective Currents. For the first time my visit gave me hope of speedy recovery. All this happened after 14 days. I am so happy to have been cured for which I deeply thank Dr. Kwasniewski and his personnel. Knowledge of his methods should be widely spread.

Maria Gniadek (Mrs), Nowy Sacz

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