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I have been fanatic vegetarian for many years. I am 25 years old, 176 cm tall and I weight 65 kg, before diet my weight was 75 kg. In March this year I fell ill on anxiety neurosis I had very sturdy fear, trembling hands, nightmare, and I was always tired. I had seborrhoea on which I was treated for 5 years. The dermatologist prohibited me to eat meat, fat and she ordered to eat vegetables and fruits only. I have been taking antibiotics and vaccine alternately for all that time with few month breaks.
I have adopted optimal nutrition since September 1998. Shortly after that the seborrhoea retreated completely, this was a shock for me, for so many years I have poisoned myself by chemical products and the solution was so simple.
My neurosis has decreased. Doctor, you do not write too much about neurosis, its formation and cure without that chemical staff by which I was poisoned without any effect.
Albert S.

Every vegetarian can be recognised faultlessly after his/her complexion which is earthy and full of distinct exanthems very often on the seborrhoea base. The skin is a big organ which weights about 5 - 7 kilograms or more. Unfortunately, the skin belongs to the tissue practically under nourished and anoxic. It fulfils so many important functions. The tissues which have bad supply of oxygen and being in excessive use (how it happens with vegetarians) and having low supply of "spare parts", they have to produce oxygen itself.

Admittedly, the skin is in direct contact with the oxygen, but only small quantities of the oxygen are taken from the air, for the adult it is not enough. The ratio of the skin to the body weight in adults is smaller than in newborn or small children. Therefore, the absorption of the oxygen through the skin from the air is greatest in the newborn. The different tissue undertakes the production of the oxygen from glucose depending on the composition of the diet. The most oxygen is produced by the tissues poorly supplied in blood. Those tissues receive less oxygen and worst fuel. The worst fuel requires more oxygen and produces less energy.
The liver produces different quantity of the cholesterol from the glucose and during this process it receives oxygen and hydrogen as a " waste", though the oxygen is needed in the production of steroid hormones and fatty acids. The cholesterol becomes dangerous when it is created in the tissues in which should not be found. The highest level of the cholesterol in the blood and in the skin have the newborn immediately after being born. The baby's skin during the whole pregnancy is in contact with the waters. If the adult person skin would be one day in contact with water, the skin would be wrinkled. After delivery the cholesterol level in the skin rapidly drops.
Cholesterol performs important function in the process of skin protection against the waters, after delivery it becomes redundant and is quickly expelled in large quantities also by the skin. With the age the skin becomes thinner and is the thinnest in the oldest people, what helps to collect the larger quantity of oxygen from the air. The cholesterol level lowers slowly and is the lowest in the oldest people in theirs 85-90ties. The skin needs a lot good fat that it should not take too much oxygen. The fat delivered in food is the cheapest and the best for the skin. The fat in the creams is the worst (more soft and contain less hydrogen) and also the creams must have preservatives against growing rancid. The fat in creams is a hundred times more expensive than the fat which is eaten and a thousand times more expensive from the beef tallow which is one of the best. Feeding of the skin and the body by the fat from the creams is a thousand times more expensive. The human skin generates a protective layer of the fat, what the skin of mammoth could be not managed, that is why they did not survive. Unfortunately, the present-day soup removes this protective layer of the fat, what is undesirable for the skin. This does not mean that the soap should not be used. It means that after the bath the whole body should be rubbed by fat, the best is baby oil on the face and also a cream can be used for example Nivea which is not worse from other more expensive cosmetics.

Optimal people can be recognised after theirs complections. They have a better--- complection than the people using other nutritional model. The cause of the seborrhoea which is unpleasant specially for adolescents is unsatisfactory nutrition.
Optimal nutrition removes the cause and the seborrhoea together. A few sessions of the selective currents quickly eliminate the superiority of sympathetic system and the improvement in neurosis will follow quickly. After ten sessions of selective currents the saliva secretions increase by about 68 %, The lack of saliva and dryness in the mouth is the only neurosis symptom.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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