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I am 63 years' old. I have suffered from arterial sclerosis in my legs for 10 years. A doctor told me that he knew how to cure the disease using a fat diet, but he could not do this. My left leg was amputated above the knee in 1988. The disease has been developing in my second leg despite regular treatment. The conditions of my leg deteriorated rapidly and amputation was imminent. Leg became swollen, the brown spots appeared on the skin which started to peel off. The pain was so intense that I had to take the morphine. My foot was getting black.
From the beginning of the disease I have followed the vegetarian diet. I have eaten large quantities of potatoes and some lean meat. I had a pale complexion, my eyes were sunk and my weight dropped to 56 kg. I could not sleep because of pain. I have been taking large number of pills for many years; average 16 pills per day.
I have observed optimal nutrition since July 1998. Till now, I have noticed 99% improvement in my health in every respect. Pain and swelling in the leg have withdrawn, and skin colour coming back to normal, the leg is alive. The cramp like pains and rest pain halted after few weeks. Intense constipation which I had for many years ceased after few days. Phantom limb pain has occurred after my leg amputation. This pain has lessened but still is there. Do I have to have next surgical operation or longer usage of diet, will help?
Why 11 years earlier the doctor said that he knew how to cure my disease and could not do it because it was prohibited. Who prohibited doctors to cure the sick people? Now I know, I would have both legs if I use optimal nutrition at that time. The condition of my amputated leg was not worse from the cured one. Why sclerosis doesn't stop on low fat diet but it progresses further?
Stanislaw F.

I have met many vegetarians whose cholesterol and triglyceride level was very high, and sclerosis progresses rapidly.
Ascertain that the sclerosis commonly occurs in African elephants, but not in Eskimos, Masai and other shepherd's tribes. Elephants don't eat eggs, butter, pork fat nor they smoke and have static life. Therefore, eggs, butter, pork fat, smoking and other risk factors are not the cause of sclerosis. Eskimos and shepherds eat a lot animal fat and some carbohydrates. To draw a conclusion from this is that eating a little carbohydrate sclerosis cannot occur. Eating a negligible quantity of carbohydrates, the sclerosis must withdraw. People whose diet is very lean can develop sclerosis when additional factors force the body to convert carbohydrates into triglycerides and next into cholesterol in the walls of the arteries. The most important and of frequent occurrence is relative shortage of the proteins to carbohydrates and low biological quality of the proteins.
The elephants have a lot proteins in the green grass, but when grass is dry they are in short supply of proteins. Large quantities of proteins are needed to burn the carbohydrates. Lack of proteins in the diet force the body to convert large quantity of carbohydrates into triglycerides and cholesterol. If the formation of triglycerides and cholesterol take place in the walls of arteries, the sclerosis will develop. The use of the proteins, vitamins and other minerals during transformation carbohydrates into triglycerides and cholesterol is significantly smaller than during the burning. Sclerosis is very often the disease of obese people who eat lean food. This is the same mechanism which causes the sclerosis in African elephants. Bad man and even a worse doctor who in 1988 knew how to cure you but did not do this. A doctor mustn't disregard any new treatment methods without their testing because it can be efficacious - taught Hippocrates.
If you were introduced to the optimal nutrition in 1988 you would have both healthy legs and quite different life. The phantom limb pain is induced by a mechanical cause. Optimal nutrition cannot completely remove the pain. When the pain is still severe, the surgical operation will create the chance that the pain can retreat.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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