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I have come into contact with your book for the first time through my brother. My brother Leszek has had advanced atherosclerosis in the legs. There was a threat that the legs would have to be amputated. Initially, with fear, he has begun optimal nutrition. At present nothing can stop him from using it. After a few months of optimal nutrition he maintains that he is practically healthy.
Your diet is revolutionary. Although I am a healthy person I have started to use the diet. The diet has convinced me. I have converted a few friends of mine; they have found visible improvements in theirs health e.g. painless removal of bile stones, getting rid of numbness in the hand which they have had for a few years, healing from mycosis of alimentary tract and from others diseases.
I am writing to you to thank you for discovering this wonderful diet, and publication of the book. Now we are waiting impatiently for a publication of the German version. When will this happen? I have been living in Germany for 16 years and many of my German acquaintances are awaiting this book.
In the book you write that to cure some type of obesity lipase lipoprotein is indispensable and a producer is needed. Why do you not start production; what do you need?
Please answer this question or may I have your agreement to my engagement in this matter.
Eva Davidowska Bielefeld

Apart from Dr. Andreas Kempny who already propagates my findings in Germany, other doctors from Germany declare desire to effectively cure sick people. One of the doctors is willing to build a big clinic in Poland in which patients will be cured by selective current and optimal nutrition. They also will be taught how to live and feed themselves.
After starting optimal diet renal stones are quickly dissolved and removed from the kidneys. A user of optimal diet cannot have stones. In more than 90% the stones are dissolved and removed from kidneys painlessly. In some cases when the stone is reduced in size it can block bile or urinary canal and can cause a pain attack. Do not panic. One should be prepared earlier for such possibilities. It is necessary to have a painkiller and a spasmolytic at hand and the medication should be taken when necessary. The diastolic medicines cause the bile ducts to loosen and widen and the stone moves to the duodenum or to the bladder.
The possibilities of production of lipase lipoprotein for obese who do not lose the weigh on optimal nutrition (reacting to stress by voracious appetite) are for the time being theoretical and real. The production of lipase is a marginal problem without future. When people commonly use optimal nutrition there will be no obese people nor the lipase will be needed. For people using other methods of feeding administration to the blood of big quantities of fatty acid could cause some harm and the biggest danger could be a sudden increase in blood coagulation. The problem doesn't exist and there will be no harm for a person using optimal diet.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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