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I am engaged in charity work with AIDS patients and with HIV carriers. I am sure that optimal diet will help many people with AIDS or infected with the virus. I would be grateful if you could suggest the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the patients and carriers if it differs from the standard. Many thanks.
Anna Bilski
Vancouver Medical Building

Optimal diet stimulates the highest immunity to infections of the bacterial, viral, and fungal type. Generally speaking, people following the diet do not contract any infectious diseases. If they happen to catch a cold or flu, the symptoms usually last for a couple of hours, the person does not complain of malaise, weakness or higher temperature. Herpes never recurs in persons on optimal diet. Man has been created with maximum unspecific immunity so that he does not contract infectious diseases. For example, man did not need immunity to African sleeping sickness because he had immunity to all diseases. Therefore, man has no immunity to this disease, while monkeys/apes are carriers but do not fall victims of the actual disease. Equines that arrived in Africa about 2 million years ago have not built full immunity to the disease. Horses and cattle die quickly while zebras fall ill.

The "well-fed Europeans" also did not contract the sleeping sickness. AIDS is a syndrome of deficient immunity. The reason for decreased immunity is incorrect diet. In POW camps in the US during the Civil War prisoners were dying in vast numbers of simple infections. Virtually all, even the tiniest, bruises of the skin resulted in gangrene and death. The death rate was similarly high in both German and Soviet concentration camps. The HIV virus acts slowly. Not all the persons infected with the same HIV type will have AIDS after the same incubation period, as it is seen with other infectious diseases. Not all carriers will get AIDS. I have not dealt with the problem of AIDS since it is a marginal problem in Poland at present. This does not mean I have not tried. So far, I have not found a means to make people dealing with AIDS patients and HIV carriers understand my knowledge, let alone put it to practice. I do not know whether optimal diet will cure every AIDS patient and will help fight HIV in carriers. I know, however, that such chances exist. In spring this year it has been reported that previously positive tests became HIV negative in a child who had been HIV-positive since birth. The child was staying with a family who could ensure exceptionally good conditions. Further search revealed several other cases of being "cured" from being HIV-positive.

Thus, it is not only theoretically possible that the carrier's organism, or even the organism of an AIDS patient, can be strengthened in such a way that it will destroy the virus. This needs to be checked out. Optimal diet in AIDS patients and HIV carriers gives better chances of success than all (expensive) treatment methods used so far. The best food for patients and carriers will be egg yolks, bone marrow, bone broths, and liver. Treatment with diet is the cheapest, and gives most hope for success. People who take drugs, smoke a lot, drink alcohol, change sexual partners often according to the "wherever, whenever, with anybody" rule, incapable of higher order feelings, have low immunity for the same reason for which they exhibit the above mentioned behaviour. Their lifestyle is conducive to contracting HIV. The reason for these behaviours as well as HIV infection and AIDS is improper diet. It is the first reason in the whole chain of causes and effects. Aristotle has taught that a problem can only be solved if the first, main reason for the problem is found (and removed). The above refers to all attempts and all the pathologies in the lives of individuals and nations that persecute mankind and so far could not be either revealed or solved.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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