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I am 60 y.o. and I am a sick person. I have quite a few gallstones in my gallbladder. I also have a problem with my spine and rheumatism. I am scared of operation. May I use Optimal Diet? Don't I make my health worse?
Maria D. Sosnowies.

Gallstones in the gallbladder can create some risk after starting to use optimal nutrition, but that nutrition can, practically in every case, cause that gallstones will dissolve and you become healthy without operation.

Optimal nutrition practically excludes the possibility to have gallstones or nephrolithiasis. However what to do when the gallstones are already there?
Gallstones are not contra indication to start using optimal nutrition. Better it is to eat small portions of food few times daily till the stones are dissolved. Big stones practically don't cause a pain. However, when the gallstone is reduced in size that can enter the bile duct it can be pushed into by shrinking (after bigger fatty meal) gallbladder. Eating few smaller meals daily protect against the shrinking of the gallbladder.

First symptom that the bile duct is blocked by the gallstone is dark urine, very pale stools and the pain below the rib's on right side. It is necessary to know about that and be prepared on such possibilities.

First you don't panic. This can be difficult because an unexpected block of the liver function, which occurs when the bile outflow is blocked, is causing an unexpected deficiency of phosphorus compounds (batteries) in blood, what is causing sudden disability in the brain and heart function.
Then free fatty acids from adipose tissues are directed to the blood from where are absorbed by the brain and heart. Free saturated fatty acids of long chains are the best fuel for the cells but aren't the best sources of energy. The compounds moved to release the free fatty acid have an unfavourable influence on the brain and heart function.
It is appearing the fright, anoxia can be seen on ECG, because the necessity to burn free fatty acid by heart increases the need for oxygen by heart muscles. Only exceptionally the operation is needed. The gallstone who entered the bile duct is so small that can exit at the other site with some help.
The bile duct shrinks on the gallbladder and doesn't allow the stone to go through. In this case, it is necessary to be prepared and have diastolic and analgesic drugs. When the liver is hampered by the presence of gallstones in the bile duct the adsorption of drugs is delayed and the best is to administer the medicine by injection. If there are a few gallstones in the bile duct the next acute pain can appear it means that your bile duct is again blocked and the drugs should be administered afresh. Acute pain, which is an evidence of bile duct occlusions caused by entering the gallstone to that duct usually appear after three weeks or later. If the gallstones are easily dissolved, mostly they dissolve quickly they change into "mad" in the gallbladder and are extracted to the intestine.

Acute pain caused by gallstones in the gallbladder is not a rule but rather exception for people who use Optimal Diet. But you have to be prepared on this occasion.
Your pain in the spine and joints should cease on Optimal Diet..

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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