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I am 53 y. o. I have been suffering from myocarditis, hypertension, type I diabetes and hepatitis for the last 14 years. Every year I was in hospital. I also had pericarditis for three months in 1996. My ESR was elevated - 50/70 after one hour. I always had inflamation and temperature. Heart operation was imminent. I am on optimal diet for three months and the results are very good. Insulin which I had been taking 36 units daily I discontinued from the first day on the diet. At present, there is no sugar in urine and blood sugar is in the norm. I do not have inflamation and temperature. My ESR dropped to 5. Unfortunately, I still have hypertension, chaotic heart, pain in hip joints when I walk and the worst -still something wrong with my kidneys and I have proteins in urine. Please advise. Am I doing something wrong? Attached please find my hospital card and analysis.
R. F. from Jaworzno

According to the hospital record from 1996 you had diabetes, diabetic kidney impairment, chronic kidney insufficiency, infection of urinary system, acute myocarditis, complex heart defect, auricular fibrillation, hypertension, the presence of antigen hemoglobin S and mycosis. You had very high diastolic blood pressure coming up to 210/190 ( at present 205/105), creatinine was 150 mM - now 105 mM, ESR was 85 - now 5. Urea is not elevated. It was 8.7 and now 6.85. You had anaemia, your Hb was 7.6% and now 15.6, erythrocytes were 2 780 000 and now you have 4 810 000, hematocrit reading was 26 and now 47.
Diabetes type I according to the contemporary medicine is an incurable disease. You stopped taking insulin (36 units) on the first day of the diet and your body overcame diabetes on which you were sick for 14 years. Your general health conditions had improved considerably and laboratory analyses are more positive. You have succeeded, in general, at the beginning of the diet only children taking up to 10 units of insulin and adults up to 20 units can stop taking insulin in the first day. When the doses of insulin are higher, the intake of insulin should be reduced to half (in your case to 18 units), blood sugar and ketones in urine should be checked and gradually decrease doses of insulin then discontinue the insulin injections.
Such high diastolic blood pressure has been caused by the excessive production of compounds contracting arteries in the sick kidneys which are trying to secure its better supply. Drop of the diastolic blood pressure to 105it is a prove that kidney's efficiency has improved. This is also confirmed by laboratory analysis. You will feel better with every month, but you must not eat carbohydrates more than 0.8 g/kg of your due weight. Hypertension should be gradually reduced. When the body metabolism adjusts to the carbohydrates doses recommended by optimal nutrition, every increase of carbohydrates above 30 grams or reduction below 25 grams can cause a noxious symptom. The doses of carbohydrates above 120 -150 g can cause the poison symptom and high blood level of glucose which last for longer time. Such behavior is unreasonable but sometimes happen.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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