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For the last 25 years I suffered for hypertension, coronary heart disease and sclerosis in my legs. I have diabetes type I for twelve years. I was taking 40 units of insulin per day and the blood glucose level was elevated. I am on optimal nutrition for five months. From the beginning I reduced the doses of insulin to 20 units, later to 10 and after 15 days I discontinued taking insulin completely. At present, I have low level of blood glucose and no diabetes. I have stopped taking all medicine but some for my heart, because sometimes I have heart arrhythmia. My pressure is in a norm. I have warm legs and can walk painlessly longer distance than I could walk before the diet. Generally I feel very well.
Bernard K.

Diabetes which lasts 12 years is causing devastation in the body. The main cause of diabetes is sugar. Human body is not prepared to burn sugar /carbohydrates/ because an organism can accept the final product of nourishment chain, which can be additionally processed by high temperature and other methods. Diabetes can be induced in every carnivore by feeding it by the products suitable for herbivorous. In nature this is not possible because a herbal product for the carnivore is inedible. None of the carnivore can process the herbal products like the human can that be eatable.
Body defends itself against the sugar by destroying the pancreas cells producing insulin. The sugar is discharged with urine, owns and injected insulin is quickly decomposed, the insulin receptors in cells are destroyed because the body cells do not want sugar. Man forces the body to burn and process the sugar in quantities too big to the body needs. Usually, diabetic type I patient needs progressively increase doses of insulin because of "resistance" to the insulin caused by the above-mentioned mechanisms of the body defense. This has happened to you. Therefore after 15 days, you stopped taking insulin and diabetes has totally gone.
Hypertension, which you had for 25 years and you were "systematically" cured by the medicines which were causing acceleration of sclerosis development, now your blood pressure has returned to normal. Warm legs and longer walking distance which you can walk without pain is a proof that sclerosis in your legs is retreating. Among the majority of patients suffering from heart arrhythmia, optimal nutrition causes that this disorder is disappearing.
The majority of the drugs treated in heart arrhythmia have minimal effect or no effect at all on the optimal nutrition followers. The metabolism of heart muscle during optimal diet is different from the one in the patients using "normal" nourishment. The commonly used drugs for the treatment of heart arrhythmia were produced and tested on the patients with a different metabolism of the heart muscle. The disorder of heart rhythm seldom occurs to the patients using optimal nutrition but sometimes does.

Dr. Jan Kwasniewski

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