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I am 50 years old. I have suffered from Lesniewski-Crohn's disease for 10 years. I had three surgical operations, in one of the operation a piece of small intestine was excised. I had twisted bowels after previous operation 5 years ago. I had continuous abdominal pains and diarrhoea. Very often I had liver pain. For many years I had acute pain and deformation of joints. All the time of my illness I had been cured by pills which I swallowed by handful. I was emaciated, very weak and I did not have the strength.
I followed optimal diet for more than one year. During that time my body weight increased by 12 kilograms. All disorders of an alimentary canal disappeared and I do not feel liver any more. Pain in joints faded away and to my surprise the deformation of joints withdrew completely. I do not take any pills since the start of optimal diet and I feel very well. I have become healthy again and all this happened in such a simple way. My "friends in sickness" still suffer. What should be done that they were healthy again?
Jadwiga R.

Officially, the etiology of this disease is unknown and no specific therapy is known. The truth is "that all human diseases come from eaten food" - Herodot, and the disease are caused by unfavorable nutrition. It is one of the auto-aggression diseases. The disease destroys the body and finally leads to death.
The ESR is always elevated and increases more than 100 during acute attacks of illness. The disease lasts for years with phases changing from good to bad, and continuously increasing the morbid symptoms. Constant pain intensifies 5 to 6 hours after the meal. The symptoms of intestinal occlusion can appear during cicatrization. Surgical treatment of cutting out the section of unhealthy intestine does not protect against further disease development. The disease has its seat somewhere else. After surgical treatment the disease continues to progress in more than 80% of patients. Treatment is symptomatic and ineffective. You had three operations on this disease and one operation on intestine occlusion, but the disease proceeded to destroy the body systematically. You have swallowed tablets by the handful without any result. After one year on optimal nutrition you are a healthy person, the disease retreated because the optimal nutrition eliminates the reason of disease and only casual treatment is effective.
Ancient Egyptians knew causes of diseases, but modern medicine does not know them.
Without knowledge of a reason of disease the result of treatment must be accidental and in principle cannot be effective. There is no "idiopathic" disease. Every case of hypertension has its own reason. Modern medicine does not know the causes of any joint diseases nor causes of osteoporosis. The only joint disease which causes is "known", it is rheumatism. The disease occurred on large-scale during and after the WW II mainly among children, the children's hospitals were full of sick children having serious cardiac defects who were waiting for death. They did not wait long. It is accepted that the cause of the disease is bead infection, which most often appears as angina.
Many children and adults had and still have this unnecessary disease, but only some of them have rheumatic disease which "licks the joints, and bites the heart". The bead produces toxins. The organism produces antibodies in response and then the level of ASO (the antistreptolysin O) increases. This is the end of the disease for most of the sufferers till the next angina. The cause of bead infection and angina is low-immune of the body and this is caused by wrong nutrition.

The rheumatism and its development are caused by wrong nutritional model which causes that connective tissue has an anti-gene characteristic similar to the bead toxins. Body produces antibodies against the bead toxins, and the antibody attacks the patient's connective tissue. Disease develops 15 - 20 - 30 days after the angina appeared. If there is no change in the patient's diet the disease will be coming back over and over again. Destruction of own connective tissue by the body causes changes in different organs from which most threatening involves the heart and very often causes a cardiac defect.
Joint deformities which occur in rheumatic diseases very often withdraw when optimal nutrition is introduced. Large joint deformities which occur in rheumatoid arthritis are reduced in size or disappear completely after longer time on optimal nutrition.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski


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