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I am 53 y. o. I have Bechterew's disease, also known as ankylosing spondylitis (AS) or Marie-Strümpell Disease, for the last 25 years. I had kidney stones, coronary heart disease, severe spine pain, immobilised chest that I could breathe only by the abdomen. My left hip joint was completely stiff. I also had indisposition of my prostate gland which was enlarged up to 59/48 mm.
I have observed the optimal nutrition since last two years. Pain in the spine disappeared entirely, the spine is mobilised again and my posture is straightened. The stones in the kidney had diminished and disappeared but one that was 4 cm in size has been reduced to 2.8 cm. My hip is working again. Prostate indisposition has faded away and my gland size has been reduced to 45/40 mm. I exercise and run a lot, and I do not feel any pain. I am not tired after a strenuous effort. I breathe by the chest not by abdomen as was previously. I eat a little, but I hardly eat carbohydrates. My cholesterol increased to 520 mg% (13.4 mmol/l), later has dropped to 330 mg% (8.5 mmol/l) and again has increased to 486 mg% (12.5 mmol/l). My ESR is 39 and I do not know why.
Josef M. Jastrzebia

Bechterew's disease or stiffen inflammation of the joints, mainly of the spine is an auto-aggressive type disease which is caused by a certain incorrect type of diet (pasture diet). It causes stiffening of the spine, decreases of height, stiffness of the chest and deformation of posture. The joints are affected, most often knee joints and in some lesser degree hip joints. ESR is elevated. The disease more often affects smokers, men and also men working in the cool environment, surprisingly however, doesn't affect men working in meat cold storage plants.
It happens that the disease which lasted for several years retreats when the optimal diet is introduced and all indisposition caused by this disease withdraw; stiffness of the spine disappears, the chest is again mobile and a sick man grows few centimetres. A good indicator that the disease retired is the level of ESR. Average level of the ESR in patients cured in the Health Academy Arcadia has dropped by about 44% during 12 days. I met some of that patients who still were using the optimal diet and their ESR level was zero.
Josef, your ESR is still too high. Sometimes healthy people have their ESR even higher. This is an indicator which has approximate meaning only. It is important the disorder of the prostate has reversed, the hypertrophic of the gland decreased in size and pain associated with the hypertrophic gland is disappearing. I have been informed about a non-surgical cure of the prostate cancer by observing the optimal diet.
The man has been created to be healthy, if he is not it means that he has committed serious mistakes which are entirely caused by incorrect nutrition. All processes and transformations occurred in the body are controlled, initiated or blocked by substrates delivered in food. Every disease has its own cause, every cause is created by inadequate factors delivered in food and undelivered elements which organism should receive. There can be some exception but in general, patients who have enlarged glands the optimal nutrition causes its decrease and retreat of the disease. In comparison to all other methods used in treatment of the symptoms of a hypertrophic prostate gland as pharmacological, surgery or any others the optimal nutrition is the most physiological, pleasant, safe and is free.
Cause of the high cholesterol level can be that you practically do not eat carbohydrates. Red corpuscles and other tissues have to have carbohydrates. There are not big quantities. Generally, 0.8 grams of carbohydrates per one kilogram of body due weight per day are satisfactory (due body weight in kilograms is equal of your height in centimetres minus 100). When there are no carbohydrates in the food the liver has to produce it from proteins and can be produced from glycerol also. Life is logical and its rules are rational. Body can easily transform an inferior product into better one. Carbohydrates can be transformed into fat but fat can't be transformed into carbohydrates.

Dr Jan Kwasniewski

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