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25 October, 2003

My earlier post on "Heart Disease and Copper" raised some concern on the use of copper and it's impact on zinc levels hence this post.

..."Zinc Talley." It's one of the easiest and most accurate ways to determine a zinc deficiency."...

You can make your own Zinc Talley test solution by mixing 2 grams of zinc sulfate 2 litres of distilled water and follow instruction outlined below. Making 2 litres of solution may seem a bit excessive but it makes a much more accurate solution when using kitchen weigh scales. Of course if you have access to more precise tools than by all means make a small quantity equivalent to 0.1% zinc sulfate solution...

Chris Gupta


To find out if you're low in zinc, ask your local health food store for a nutritional test called the "Zinc Talley." It's one of the easiest and most accurate ways to determine a zinc deficiency.

Take the following zinc questionnaire. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may have some degree of zinc deficiency:

  • Have you lost much of your sense of taste and smell?

  • Do you have adult acne, even if you didn't have it as a teenager?

  • Do you get frequent colds and flu, usually with an ear infection?

  • Is your hair going prematurely gray? Does it grow slowly? Is your hair texture dry with brittle ends?

  • Do your nails have white flecks? Do they peel and fray easily? Do they grow abnormally slowly?

  • Do you have an enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis?

  • Is your skin dry and cracked? Do you get fungal skin infections? Do cuts or rashes heal slowly? Do you sunburn easily?

  • Have you been diagnosed with macular degeneration? Are your eyes overly sensitive to sunlight?

  • Does your body have trouble with sugar balance? Do you have diabetes or hypoglycemia?

  • Do you have a history of low sperm counts? Have you ever suffered from impotence or erection problems?

  • Do you get often get herpes-type mouth sores? Are your lips regularly dry, cracked or chapped?

    See also:

..."SIGNS OF ZINC DEFICIENCY: One easily recognized sign of zinc deficiency is white spots, bands, and lines on finger nails. An occasional white spot is usually evidence that the immune system overcame a bacterial or some other systemic infection, and is a positive, not negative sign. Some women will have multiple parallel white bands or lines on their fingernails marking menstrual cycles in marginal zinc deficiency. According to some biomedical researchers, human zinc deficiency may be correctable only by a therapeutic intake of 100 to 150 mg zinc per day taken orally for a few months. Significantly exceeding 150 mg per day to correct serum zinc deficiency is rarely warranted, and often causes nausea and vomiting, and may have other deleterious effects on health, primarily through depletion of serum copper. Some researchers suggest adding trace amounts of copper and vitamin B-6 with supplemental therapeutic doses of zinc to help reestablish proper zinc serum levels."...

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