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Hi Chris,

For the last five days or so I've been producing soft yellow stools (Ya I
know... gross).

I'v been on the net and some people say it's liver problems or gallbladder
problems, even hep C. I'm only 42 years old, people say I look about 32. I
feel OK, other than my treating myself for heart disease... which has not
been confirmed by a doctor. I started becoming short of breath and had a
feeling of breathlessness when I laid down plus I was constantly tired.
This is one of the major symptoms of congestive heart failure (my father
died of CHF and my grandfather on my mother's side as well). I've been
taking vit C and Lysine.

Anyway, as I was saying, for the last five days my stools have been a sort
of mustard colour. I feel OK, or at least as well as I've always felt. Do
you know what this may be?

I'm thinking of a liver cleanse. However, I don't think I could get one cup
of olive oil down my throat with out it reversing back out again. I was
also thinking of electro blood cleansing and magnetic pulsing my liver just
in case I have some organisms that need dealing with.


Mike, on the one hand. you say you are feeling ok and on the other that you
are short of breath. Do you have CHF? If so you should be taking CQ1O say
60mg 2 to 3 times a day and B complex- 50 2 times with a 100mg B6 tablet
once a day along with the Vitamin C etc.

About Hep C is treatable with massive doses of Vitamin C see:


The liver cleanse is not as bad a you think I have done it 4 times and
unlike my wife I found the grapefruit and olive tasty. The Kidney cleanse
should be done first though.

The yellow stool usually indicates bile release other than you what you say.

I have redirected your email to Turf maybe he can help with his vast
knowledge on herbs and other alternatives.

Chris Gupta

Mike not sure if saw this response from turf?

Chris Gupta

There could be an illness producing these effects but yellow stools typically mean too little bile output. I would take the B vitamins as Chris says (and CoQ10's a good supplement for a variety of purposes) and also ensure other nutrients for the heart, especially selenium (get 70-200mcg from a multivitamin) and magnesium (get at least 100% RDA from a multimineral like Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate). Plus, drink plenty of water.
For the liver, magnesium and B vitamins are important but I would add a liver cleanser like FutureBiotics Silymarin Plus. Taking this supplement for a few weeks, and using a
tablespoon of olive oil before bed each night, while also getting adequate B vitamins and magnesium, is about as effective as a liver flush.

" I'm thinking of a liver cleanse. However, I don't think I could get one cup of olive oil down my throat with out it reversing back out again."

Mixed with the lemon and/or grapefruit juice it is not really that bad but even if this was being considered, I would first do a regimen as above for the liver for a couple of weeks before doing a flush.

BTW, I suspect that using high dose vitamin C can deplete minerals in the body. Being short on calcium and especially magnesium can cause shortness of breath.

Take it on an empty stomach or make sure you don't mix starches beforehand.
Peppermint tea is a must when taking the "purge" of eliminating mucus from the lungs through vomiting using lobelia. You can also take it as peppermint oil in capsule form for IBS. It relaxes the intestinal smooth muscle thus eliminating any pain.
according to Willix.
This may be true but not for all people certain metabolic types will not react to calcium well but be fine with magnesium and vise versa. Please read:

Moral of the story: Know your metabolic type before following advice!
Chris Gupta

Peppermint tea beforehand will help keep it down. Also WaterOz water soluble minerals go directly to the cells in 20 minutes or less. Works same as juices.

Thanks Tracy, but be warned some people like myself get heart burn with
peppermint tea etc.
Chris Gupta

"I have developed an on again off again dull ache on the left side of my abdomen. By no means excruciating but still, not good. What side is your gallbladder on? Is it the right side? If so I may have a partly blocked gallbladder. Can a liver cleans clear this?"

The liver and gallbladder are on the right. The typical reasons people get an ache on the left side is from the stomach pressing against the intestines blocking their flow, but can also be caused in the large intestine at the bend where it heads down to the lower colon.
Another possibility is a swollen spleen, but I think this is rare. I would drink plenty of water, eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables, get adequate oil in the diet (a tablespoon
of olive oil before bed) use high dose vitamin C (at least a teaspoon before bed) and magnesium (400-1000mg before bed) for a week and see if it helps. If not, I would use
enzymes (RenewLife Digestmore) with each meal and perhaps an intestinal cleanser before bed short term - don't use laxatives long term. A liver flush would also be appropriate since it cleans out the intestines so well. If the flush yields no pain for a few days and the ache returns when the colon starts getting backed up again, this is the problem.

Thanks Turf.

Chris Gupta


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