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Thanks Bill, this again supports Nobel laureate Johannes Andreas Grib
Fibiger's work see:


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REFINED SUGAR: The Sweetest Poison of All @:


Don't know how many studies they need to get it through their thick sculls.
You should see the sugar & starch they feed people in Hospitals and old
folk homes!

Chris Gupta

At 01:18 PM 08/10/2002 -0400, you wrote:

"One scientific study found that the amount of glucose fed to breast cancer
injected rats directly influenced their longevity-the more sugar they were
given the quicker they died of the cancer. When something such as this is
clearly dose related, cause and effect is considered firmly established. We
know that cancer cells feed almost exclusively on sugar. It logically
follows that removing sugar from one's diet will slow cancer growth, if
present, and inhibit its formation, if not present.

People flock to the synthetic sugar substitutes. Concerned with weight
control, they want to lower their caloric intake by displacing high-calorie
sugar with a zero calorie substitute. Unfortunately that promised but
questionable benefit is accompanied by serious health questions.

*Saccharin is known to cause brain cancer in rats. There is no reason to
assume it does not impact humans as well.

*Aspartame, sold as Equal and Nutrasweet, contain phenylalanine and
aspartic acid. A significant portion of these components is converted to
methyl alcohol, a neurotoxin. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
claims the amount of methanol is too small to do harm, although many
disagree with this position."

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