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In fact one of the pharmaceuticals (name escapes me) actually has a patent
to include CQ10 with Satins but does not market it. This patent simply
serves to prevent the others from including it their products. A typical
business strategy to maintain customer flow... Many heart drugs also
deplete vitamin B6 another essential heart nutrient.

Chris Gupta

Report in DAILY MAIL, 22 November, 2002. (Summary - no website available).


Cardiologist Dr. Peter Langsjoen warned yesterday that commonly prescribed
statin [fluorinated - but the word was not mentioned!] drugs could harm
your heart.

1million people in the UK take statins each day to cut cholesterol & it is
widely held they have few side-effects. But Dr. Langsjoen, a Texas heart
specialist, told a London conference yesterday that statins may deplete the
body's ability to make Q10, which is essential for heart health. Low Q10
results in heart failure. He said that most
doctors assume statins to be safe & don't attribute heart attacks to them.
Nutritionists frequently advise patients on statins to take Q10, from
food shops. Prof. James Shepherd of Glasgow University said statins are
beneficial & said that more people need to be put on statins.

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