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Theresa, sorry for the delay in responding. See responses in the body of email.

Chris Gupta

At 07:24 AM 29/10/2002 -0500, you wrote:

Thanks for adding me to your distribution list. I find many of your
'conversations' very stimulating.

Thanks for the complement.

Can you check your journal and let me know if you have info on the

First me!
I am plagued with skin problems: cold sore eruptions & dermatitis ....
nothing seems to help. The doctors prescribe cortisone cream, but that just
thins your skin. I am a Celt & I have the thinnest skin in the world!

Yes I noticed this when I met you. My first reaction is that you need to
build up some collagen for which you will need copious amounts of Vitamin C
and MSM for the flexibility of the skin. See the following on how to take
vitamin C:


"In large doses it is best used as the powder dissolved in water or one of
the juices (vegetable preferably). Do not use commercial grade vitamin C
crystals of powders. Use CP grades as is found in drug stores or health
food stores. Contrary to false rumours issued by some hostile critics of
megadose vitamin use it does not cause kidney stones, does not cause
pernicious anemia, does not cause sterility. A recent suggestion in a
letter, to Nature, published in England concluded that more than 500
milligrams of vitamin C daily could cause DNA damage. This was based on one
of a possible 20 markers that could have been used which showed no damage
and a 21st marker which is seriously questioned. Some of the key scientists
in this field criticized these conclusions. My only comment is that if they
were correct why do my patients who take large doses of vitamin C live so
much longer."

The above is extracted form Dr. Hoffers paper @:


Then add MSM gradually up to 2 grams to 3 grams before reducing to a lower
maintenance dose. The cheapest place I found MSM is at:


Be sure include a B-complex and mineral supplement along with 400 to 800 IU
of mixed Vitamin E to the above.

Of course stress aggravates my skin condition, but through better planning
& yoga I believe I can cope with the job stress.

You are probably not getting enough fat. Start to take Cod liver oil and
supplement it with flaxseed oil if you are not allergic to it (2 to 3 table
spoons a day - goes great with salads). Eat more saturated fats like organic butter and eggs (organic) no you won't get fat if you significantly reduce your carbs, I have done this to prove it to myself.(see my earlier email titled "Dr. Jan Kwasniewski's diet is not Atkin diet"). You will only get fat if you produce insulin as it triggers fats storage. No insulin no fat storage. In fact you will get thinner as I did and most people do. See:


I will be sending more info on the benefits of saturated fats in another email.

Next is my mother. There are not too many doctors that practise geriatric

I can't recall my mother complaining about pain. I am only aware of her
situations because she has missed mass and has been unable to travel
(Toronto to Picton) with my father. She is 76 & has debilitating pain in her lower abdomen & in the area of her ovaries. She has had a battery of tests but no underlying cause of the pain. The tests have revealed one gaol stone & an irritated bowel.

Need to know what she is eating. Appears like food allergies - a good way
to find these is through electrodermal testing. There are several who can
do it in the Toronto area. Again reducing carbs should help. If she is able
she may also want to try colonics.

For gaol stones try the following liver cleanse. I have done this and got
lots of stones out and it is safe:


The best treatment for irritated bowel that I now off is cultured cabbage
juice see:


Another recipe: juice cabbage in juicer...put pulp and juice together in
glass jar...let stand for three days, stir once a day......eat a few
tablespoons with each meal.

The best way to determine what ratio of protein/fat/carb is to determine
what metabolic type one is. A good book to read and determine this is the


Some low carb diet links are:





Any info on these problems or recommended diet would be greatly appreciated.




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