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Thanks for the input m r w

Chris Gupta

Subject: Re: Lysine and atherosclerosis also L-Proline

It worked well for my 87 year Mom with chronic lung disease. When they
tested her circulation at her ankles no-one in the doctor office could
believe her outstanding readings were correct! We also had Mom on 6 G. Ester
C w. bioflav., 3-6 G. L-lysine, 500 mg L-proline as per Dr. Rath in his best
non-pc book - "Eradicating Heart Disease". Also on sublingual colloidal
silver and in her nebulizer which probably controlled the chlamydia factor.
Today I would consider adding Vit. K since it keep Calcium out of artery
wallstoo. She was also on 600mg TMG 1-2 X, 600mg acetyl L-carnitine 4X, plus
sublingual [B-12,B-6, & folic acid] and 600mg CoQ-10, 1200mg vit. E. and
50mg grapeseed ext. 2-3x. Check out
http://www.inetsupermall.com/life_extension.htm! A lot of good free info!

For All Stroke/ Heart Patients they should be on Hydergine LC or sublingual
1mg 2-4x since it gives you a 15 minute window to restore blood flow with
out damage based on a cat study!
Blessings, m r w

Hi Julian, I have redirected your note to Owen Fonorrow for a response.
assume you have read the details at:


Chris Gupta

Hi Chris,

I hope this e-mail reaches you. I saw your post on sci-life extension
regarding this theory. I have been looking for more evidence for a few
weeks. Like you I certainly feel it should be investigated, and it would
be quite easy to do, but nobody seems bothered.

Have you heard of any developments since 1999?



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