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05 July, 2004

My life had become an ordeal. I could no longer work as a nurse, except on occasion with a very easy private duty pediatric case. I was seeing dozens of medical doctors, taking everything they recommended, trying "alternative & holistic" care, including dental amalgam removal & chelation, herbal/natural/vitamin/mineral treatments, all raw plant-based diet, juicing. I underwent tests & physical therapy. I was being physically & financially devastated. I had severe discomfort in my joints, muscles, sinuses, stomach. Most of the things I took brought little relief & caused more trouble. I had almost no energy & slept 12-14 hours a day. My husband would come home to find me crying on the floor & it was hard for him to even offer comfort since holding me caused more discomfort. Despite my strong Christian faith my endurance was almost spent & I seriously considered ending my life.

My best friend was using something that was helping her & her husband. She encouraged me to try this immune- supporting supplement & kept on me until I was consistent, gave it time to work & increased to my personal maintenance serving size. It is called immune26 & is like nothing else I had even heard of with more scientific proof & over 100 global patents. I use 3-4 servings a day. I am disabled due to several severe health issues but enjoy a far higher quality of life only because of immune26.

Immune26 is not a magical, cure-all but can dramatically improve quality of life when used properly, even when other things fail. Hundreds of health care professionals use it in their practices with wonderful results, including both my personal Physiatrist. And, I even tried to get the other doctors who could not help me to try immune26, too!

My husband has a Legacy For Life business. We educate others about this remarkable product & have the joy of watching others lives become a blessing, again! We are available by phone or email. We want to help but more importantly...we really can help. Call, email or send your phone number & we will guide you on your way to looking & feeling better. I have tried almost everything & can save you so much heartache & false hope. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any & all questions.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said:
It is common sense to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.

I have to say a special "thank you" to Mr. Stan Popis for allowing me to share this on his wonderful website, with no compensation, other than the fact he will be helping those of you who will research & use immune26.

Thank you for your time.

Lynne C.

Marc & Lynne C.

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