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Hi Brian,

First I must clarify that the Optimal Diet (OD) is not at all like the Atkins diet. Which relies on synthetic proteins and supplements and fats to some extent. The ratio of protein to fat is too high, which eventually will tax the kidneys and will also convert excess protein to sugar/fat thus raising insulin levels. See:


The OD relieves the liver from all burden possible while reducing insulin levels to such an extent that it will literally cure type 1 diabetes let alone type 2. Those who have studied longevity will at once recognize that lower insulin levels is the key.

Further, one cannot mix carbohydrates and fats. Saturated fats (particularly from animal sources have all the enzymes and nutrients needed, according to the OD, especially if eaten with the meat or cream etc.) bypass the liver as they can be absorbed directly and are preferred as first choice by the body. So any carbohydrates quickly become an excessive source of energy and will convert to sugar/fat via the liver and be stored - hence you may gain weight instead of loosing it. For max. benefits one has to stick to proper ratio outlined in the OD. On the other hand, if to much saturated fat is consumed then it will either make you sick and/or cause diarrhea - so one does not need much fibre, unlike the higher protein Atkins diet which will cause constipation if sufficient fibre is not eaten. This certainly has been my experience. After going on OD my daily bathroom activity has not changed since starting but my fibre intake has gone down significantly. The reduction in fibre would have been, for me, a complete disaster in the past. See:

The Chemistry of Food. Must read to understand the role of proteins, fats and carbs here you will learn that the body does not store fat with insulin!


Some things that I noticed are: Increased need to drink water. Dr. Kwasniewski mentions that the diet will also break up kidney/gall stones, this at first may cause pain passing stones etc. Although, not panful to me, this was also my experience and I did pass something. So be prepared. Also he mentions that a sign that one is starting to burn stored fats is when you get up in the morning you don't feel hungry this too was my experience. My skin has also become much stronger and is not bruised easily and when it is, it heals almost overnight. My wife's skin has also become much smoother. The food is delicious and very satisfying making it easier to stick to the diet unlike so many others! At the moment I have lost 6 lbs in 3 week and I am not an overweight person (5'8" form 160 lb to 154 lb). Mood has improved generally.

Some may find Dr. Kwasniewski's book "Homo Optimus" a bit religious but with an interesting historic bend, the lack of index and references are also a bit disconcerting, but most of what he says is pretty well in line with my own research and there are good references in the in the following web sites to support his conclusions. There is also be some variance in the protein to fat to carbohydrates ratios (which derived form seeds/eggs and other things in nature) to somewhat accommodate biochemical variance amongst people.

Following are some resources on the OD

A large amount of data is available in following web sites



Recipes for a week from one of the above sites:


To determine your metabolic type see:


To check out what some vegetarians who have returned to more traditional diets do to deficiencies etc. go to:


Chris Gupta

At 07:46 AM 13/09/2002 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Chris -
I have never done an Atkin's diet but did Zone for a few months. Went from about 210 to 175 in three months, so it worked well. Then I ate pretty much what I wanted, still keeping protein and good oil intake higher than before, but eating sugars and starches and it took me over two years to gain all the weight back. About time for me to start avoiding starches and sugars again <g>.
My dad has been on a semi-Atkin's diet for a a few months and has lost a _lot_ - about 8 inches from his waist. I have known a number of people who have used an Atkin's diet and do well as long as they keep up the fiber intake with lots of non-starchy vegetables. Neglect to do that and it can cause elimination problems. Best for blood type O. Type As don't do as well with all the meat since their digestion can't handle it unless they are doing digestive enzymes.



Are you planning to try the diet? If so please let me know how you feel. I
felt the result in days.


At 05:48 AM 12/09/2002 -0400, you wrote:
Now, that makes sense! They are egg with a minor amount of wheat for a binder. Thanks for the info. -- turf

Mix all the ingredients but do not froth. Using a small pan (10 cm in diameter) melt lard to depth of 5 cm. Pour the mixture into the pan from the edges of the pot and then across forming a sort of spider's web. The pastry should form into a lace-like pancake. Using a fork, delicately turn over and fry on the other side until golden brown. Makes 16 pancakes.


Chris Gupta


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