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Thanks Bob, that's a great idea but I will figure out a way myself if and when I do I will send you a zipped copy and the method used to get it. I may just bite the bullet and do it the hard way. You are doing a great job. I have been dabbling in Electromedicine for some time and have build the brain tuner, all Beck, the Hulda Clark devices and a number of Dan Dial's molecular enhancers. If you or anyone else is interested in building these I should be happy to help in any way I can.
These devices are described at:

I am in the process of designing my own Thermo Therapy unit for prostate & hemorrhoids problems. This has the potential to reduce up to 80% related surgeries See:

The Lee Crock device for which I have designed a simple timing circuit (to be published on my list) that can also be use to make colloidal silver solution. See:http://www.keelynet.com/biology/crock.htm
I am in process of researching EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) and will be issuing a method to do this at home with all parts and simplified procedures plainly provided for all to use. In my assessment this is THE most important break through to improve health and may even help reverse certain age conditions. Unfortunately, all of the above is not going to do much good if one does not remove the original cause of the disease. That usually means a change in diet which is extremely important. sadly most people are just not able to change. My research and experience has been that nearly all diseases are a deficiency of some nutrient/s or the other. For example arthritis you need boron, heart disease requires vitamin c, lycine, prolene and B6, cancer - selenium, B17 etc. These nutrients are either not available in todays exhausted soils and/or are destroyed in processing. Although I am no fan of supplements and am looking into getting the mineral portion directly via fine rock dust and bacteria both in diet and garden. I am also studying the expired patents on vitamin C and should dearly like to figure out a way for all to make at home as I feel sooner or later it will be hard to get this all important nutrient cheaply. See:
It was not until I drastically changed my diet that I noticed significant improvement in my health and all the Price/Pottenger data on nutrition sunk in.

By the way Dr Price's book
"<nutrition_physical.htm>Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"
http://www.westonaprice.org/book_reviews/nutrition_physical.html is
available free at the following link and is a real gold mine of education and a must read. http://www.soilandhealth.org/
See: also:

These and other items are discussed in my list. The message is: DIET IS WHERE IT'S AT and electromedicine, while useful to bale one out in an emergency or injury, will not help in the long run unless the original cause is recognized and removed.
If you or anyone else is interested in the above I will be happy to include you on my informal health list? Off course, you can get off anytime by just letting me know. I am usually very prompt to do this as my informal mailings are only intended for like minded people.
Not all topics may be of interest - simply delete as you see fit.
A sample of the list can be seen at:

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My thoughts on non drug treatments for SARS etc. are at:
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You can recognize these, as it always says "by way of mbgupta@uwo.ca" but
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Please free to pass this on to like minded people.

Chris Gupta

At 10:15 AM 27/05/2003 -0700, you wrote:
Hmmmm not that I know of. I'd sure like to have a way to download or backup these files. In some cases they are the only way some people are going to live, or so it seems to me. I don't really care, (well I do) but it looks like this research is becoming too hard to ignore as just another can of baloney in the alternatives field. Hard even for me to believe it.

You might for kicks start a yahoo group, it's free, and as the admin, find out all the bells and whistles, let me know, then delete your group?

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I just joined the group and would like to read files of line. Do you know hoe to do this with clicking on each, there are so many. Of is there a zip file available some where?
Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Chris Gupta
Bobs group is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/microelectricitygermkiller/

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