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Very interesting see also other info from my list sent out earlier:



The following is a must read it should be one of the most beneficial dietary change that one should make.




This begins about 1/8th down the article.

Diabetes - Canola - Hydrogenated Oils -The Silent Killers

"In addition, a recent report from the EPA (1998) states that they have
classified canola oil as a biopesticide which ..."has low chronic toxicities". Further, they say that no studies have been done regarding toxic effects on Humans. The fact that they state that it is a pesticide and that there have been no studies, plus the fact it is a GM food, says to us it is something to stay away from! It is like so many other things "they" say are good for us like fluoride, canola oil and fluoride both accumulate and build up in the Human systems."

How Do Trans Fatty Acids Cause Non-Insulin Diabetes?

The body makes protein from normal amino acids. Normal meaning amino acids
which the body is genetically used to. Properly structured protein is needed for insulin to be effective in reducing sugar in the blood. Protein is also derived from fats. By consuming abnormally changed molecular essential fatty acids, abnormal proteins are produced by the body. The abnormal proteins cannot properly synthesize the insulin in its' metabolic state. The insulin eventually becomes ineffective in reducing sugar in the blood stream. Hyperinsuliemia is the end result. The body then starts producing more and more insulin to control sugar while at the same time becoming more ineffective in controlling blood sugar. This has been directly linked concerning prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are made from essential fatty acids. Research by researchers at the Division of Science,
Northeast Missouri State University have shown that the central mechanism
for pancreatic insulin production is mediated by prostaglandins. It is not an autonomic response as once thought. Autonomic means that which a normal
body responds to or makes. These findings have been confirmed by other
research studies in Germany, the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and
by about half a dozen other researchers. Included in some of this research
are in-depth studies of the roles of properly naturally occurring structured essential fatty acids and how they inter-relate in making not only the correct amount of insulin, but most importantly its' effectiveness in the bloodstream in reducing blood sugar. Dr. Holman and his colleagues at the Hormel Institute at the University of Minnesota have shown that trans- fatty acids disrupt cellular function. They affect many enzymes such as the delta-6 desaturase and consequently interfere with the necessary conversions of both the omega-6 and the omega-3 essential fatty acids to their elongated forms. They consequently escalate the adverse effects of essential fatty acid deficiency. Dr. Lenore Kohlmeier in Finland completed a study on 700 women, (300 of them had breast cancer). The study included the analysis of the tissue fat cells of the women. Dr. Kohlmeier issued this statement, "women who have higher stores of trans fatty acids have a 1.4 times, ( approximately 55%) higher risk of developing breast cancer."
Additional work by several researchers have also shown that trans fatty
acids produced in the hydrogenation of oils process are the culprits. This
is why in the 1940's when non insulin type II diabetes started to appear
that the medical community was dumbfounded to what was causing it.

Strongly suggest you go to the following web site for more on this subject:


This is an extensive web site with tons of research on the subject. Part 2
of the discussion is at:


Chris Gupta

At 06:56 PM 02/04/2003 +0000, you wrote:
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 11:17:22 -0500
From: ksheabrown@aol.com
Subject: SARS and Canola?

As this severe acute respiratory syndrome has spread, I've noticed that in
certain countries it seems to hit like wildfire and other countries it seems to poof!--disappear. It is especially deadly in China, Hong Kong, and Canada but I was surprised that San Francisco and other US cities with large Chinese communities haven't had many problems.

I read before that China and Canada have the highest consumption of rapeseed/canola oil, and have been trying to get current statistics. It turns out that China's canola/rapeseed production is "roughly midway between Beijing and Guangzhou" and Guangzhou is where the SARS outbreak began. (from http://atn-riae.agr.ca/info/asia/e3282.htm )

The hospital staff in Vietnam quickly got sick, there were a couple of deaths, and then poof, no spread! The hospital was apparently foreign and I read a comment about the staff being close-knit. Vietnam and Thailand use a lot of coconut, and its high lauric acid is known to destroy viruses and bacteria with lipid membranes. Canada's deaths and infections due to SARS is the third highest, after China and Hong Kong. As I said, it shares with those areas high canola oil consumption. Maybe a connection.

Kind of interesting, isn't it?


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