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San Dimas, CA- Lightning has struck conventional medicine, not once but three times in a row. In studies published just this year, long-practiced treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy, surgical breast removal for cancer and knee surgery for osteoarthritis, have not been found to be scientifically sound. Other therapies, such as infant sleep apnea monitors and most medicines to control blood pressure, can be added to the list of unproven medical technologies. Even the hallowed "placebo effect," embraced by conventional medicine for nearly five decades, which has been used to dismiss the benefits of alternative therapies, has now been found to be a myth. Furthermore, much of what conventional medicine has to offer can be replaced by nutritional medicine at a fraction of the cost and side effects now generated with prescription drugs.

And that's not all. The "magic bullet' antibiotic drugs are failing, resulting in mortal germ-resistant infections. To survive, mankind is going to have to shed its dependence upon man-made antibiotics and begin to utilize natural antibiotic molecules found in garlic, olive leaf and oregano which produce no germ resistance. Even the war on cancer is being lost. In 30 years the mortality rates from cancer have risen, not fallen. So says health journalist Bill Sardi in his latest book The Collapse of Conventional Medicine.

Sardi says: "It's amazing conventional medicine has any patients left after these revelations from science. But frankly, when the New England Journal of Medicine first reported in 1993 that patients were opting out of conventional medicine and more than half of the primary-care patient visits in the US were to alternative medical practitioners, that was just the beginning." Conventional medicine is losing ground every day as the scientific studies are published. Maybe less than 25 percent of what conventional doctors do is backed by hard science.

Sardi says surveys show health care consumers stay away from alternative medicine because of potential side effects and that many alternatives therapies are also being given the boot in scientific studies. "Patients simply don't see a third alternative, self care," he says. A plethora of studies confirm that nutritional medicine, practiced at home, is the only hope to reduce burdensome health care costs and to improve the health index of the populations at large.

The 49-page e-book is available for free downloading and home publishing at http://www.hereandnowbooks.com.####

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