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Quality First International in Toronto/Cambridge has what they claim as
no-heat-centrifuged coconut oil called virgin oil de coco cream. The oil still has it's vitamin E comlex active. Aajonus Vanderplantiz has been in contact with them and waiting for signed certification of authenticity.

I use the oil and make it available to my trainees. I am very lean right now
and using about 2 tablespoons a day. The MCTs do not store as fat and go
through different channels in the body. Any access apparently blows off as

I got tired of juicing rotten coconuts, so I am primarily eating the oil and I am a raw food advocate.


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Chris, I hope you don't mind me contacting you off list on this topic, I'm not sure how much real "dyed in the wool" primal dieters condone coconut oil consumption -mostly because they worry it has been heated, so I don't want
to bring it up in that forum. I read the primal postings, but I am much more of a eclectic raw food type, using what I like about the primal diet and discarding the rest. For example, there is definitely no way I am going to try to gain a bunch of weight (like I could!), lose it, then do the whole thing over again and again...

Lots of good information in those links! Out of curiousity, how much coconut oil are you consuming daily,

I eat approximately 1 full coconut a week. - delicious!

and do you personally know people who have lost weight by increasing
coconut oil consumption?

No only they have lowered their cholesterol see email below.

I have a few friends who, although not ready to go raw, might well
incorporate the coconut oil into their diets (with enough empirical
evidence) if they thought they could shave a few pounds. I don't need to
lose ANY weight, but I might incorporate to improve overall health.

To reduce weight see some of my list emails at:


The first letter will give you an idea of my dietary experiments. Have put you on my list let me know if want to be removed.

Chris Gupta

At 03:28 PM 6/15/2001 -0500, Dr. Mercola wrote:

Coconut Oil Update - Dr. David Horrobin, one of the leading experts on fat in the world today updates an earlier posting of Dr. Peat's coconut article.

Think this is no different than vitamins and follows orthomolecular rules (much larger than normal doses to get significant effects). So it is not surprisingly what Dr. Horrbin is saying...

Chris Gupta

From: Clabolick@aol.com
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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 23:13:59 EDT
Subject: Clay's cholesterol
To: mbgupta@uwo.ca,

Thought you'd like to know that l started a cholesterol lowering program
last year when doc wanted me to go on Zocor. l did three things:
1. increased intake of red wine, primarily California cabs
2. take 300 mgs of CoQ10 almost every day
3. began cooking with coconut butter (pure, organic) and olive oil (extra
virgin and light)
Above was started about 4 months ago.
Results as of one year after last blood work are as follows:

cholesterol from 237 to 202
triglycerides 238 to 197
HDL 41 to 44
LDL 148 to 118

Thought you'd like to know after your posts re coconut oil. Keep up the good
Best regards
Clay Bolick

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