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28 July, 2008

Great Story.

I have a story to tell you about cholesterol. I played recorders
(early wind instruments) with a group, and when I started out as a beginner
a man who had been playing a few years was always wanting to play music
faster. Then he went on the Pritiken diet and drastically reduced fat (and
cholesterol) in his diet. As time went on his playing became slower and
slower and worse and worse. I could only conclude that a severely low fat
diet impaired mental function.

True, I believe this 100 %.

Based on my studies, the heart needs 60 % of its energy from Fats.

When I do not eat enough fat, I take cod liver oil, eat peanut butter,
flax seed oil, and almonds.

Back in the 50's one great writer and health expert stated we need..........

40 % fat
40 % protein
20 % carbs

Most of the information today is a bit different from that.

And just like you stated, I know some people that are still avoiding
FATS, due to misinformation and what they believe, from many years of
exposure to the misinformation.

Years ago, a friend and neighbor stated.............

"I do not eat breakfast, because everything you eat for breakfast is
bad for you".

Yes, both he and his wife were sick, and near 100 pounds overweight.

Eat no Fat and suffer the results.

I think primitive man knew better than that. <grin>

I would like for a Vegetarian to explain how they get enough fat and
amino acids.

Yes, I know a little about plants also. It is possible, and I eat more
plants and less meat.
( than I did years ago )

But I virtually never have the variety of plant foods I would like.

An 18 wheeler load per month would be about right.

I hate to say or think, ......... but the more we learn, the more
confused we get, at times.

The Cholesterol Scare and Information makes many people sick and kills
many also.

And I only deduct, that is the purpose, other than all the money that
is ripped off.


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