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After watching the Cancer month activities on Global TV I thought you should look at the other side of these fund raising initiatives. Supporting these fund raising programs is like trying to save a boat with a hole from sinking but without repairing the hole.

Linus Pauling Ph.D. (Two-time Nobel Prize winner) had this to say. "Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."

Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever "just around the corner", cancer continues to increase?

The following is a must read especially for anyone planning to donate to the Cancer societies.

Cancer Research - A Super Fraud? by Robert Ryan, B.Sc.


Then read the following as it demonstrates how the actual Cancer rates are manipulated.

"The implications of this are vast: that the vaunted slight downturn in cancer deaths is not real, but is an artifact of the decline in autopsies at American hospitals. The implication is that the war on cancer is failing across the board, but is being hidden from us (and Congress) by clever manipulation of the data. This undermines the credibility of the entire cancer establishment. Check out the JAMA 1998 Oct 14;280(14):1245-8 abstract for yourself."




Also if you get a chance please try to listen to the following audios on the Politics of Cancer:


My own father's death from prostate cancer involved me in the research on Cancer and to my horror I discovered quite a body of research that simply was not being pursued. The research helped me understand & cope, to some extent, with this disease. Unfortunately, the cancer establishment while very good with physical and emotional support of cancer patients, family and friends simply was not interested in looking at a large body of work done by others not belonging to their organizations. I was appalled to see that no amount of evidence was enough, if it was not related to some work they were promoting. Imagine!

My review of the following book sums up what I want to convey - in no way am I related to the author and I have no monetary connections. I simply point to it as it is the best resource that summarizes my research efforts with hard core references.

Gdansk, Ron: "CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up" is a bold account of how and why we are led to believe in the mystery of this disease. With copious background on mechanisms and references, the author has, in my opinion, succeeded in explaining this mystery. If one has read Dr. Becker's landmark work particularly the "Body Electric" and studied, even a little about parasitic and fungal diseases this book will provide you with the whole story behind the cancer industry.

The book is a superb account for the lay person in understanding genetics, though just a tad long. This alone is worth the price of the book. Once understood one can see how absurd the current theories on genetic causes of cancer are. For example: Why aren't people born with cancer like the genetic Down's syndrome or why can identical twins get different diseases?

In addition to a short review of various cancer remedies that are and were too cheap to be profitable, a very good case is made why the trusting public is constantly misled from the true causes. These industrial crimes are so massive that people just can't comprehend them hence not believe what is going on. A real education and a must read!

Examples of cheap remedy are:

Breast Cancer and Iodine see:


Prostate and Cesium see:


I know fund raising events are very rewarding in that they give us a sense of worth a since they are politically correct they also provide enormous media and public support - however it should be very sad if one just got rapped up in the whole process and not question what we are getting for our money and trust. Billions have now been spend for countess years with hardly anything to show. Hope you will review this matter more and not fall in the trap of supporting dead end research initiatives of the Cancer industry. If you are interested I can put you on my health list which discusses these types of issues. Also I have included a more in depth review of the book by the author below should you wish to look into this subject more.


Chris Gupta

CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up (Book Review)
ISBN 0-9685665-0-2 by investigative reporter, Ronald Gdansk, BA

All cause-of-cancer clues can now be connected by a single theory

The most significant clue about what causes cancer dates back to 1913. Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger of Denmark initiated cancer in healthy laboratory mice and rats by feeding them parasitic larvae of a worm found normally in horses. Finger received the Nobel Prize in Medicine, in 1926, for discovering a parasite that causes cancer. See http://www.nobel.se/medicine/laureates/1926/press.html for complete details about this monumental, but suppressed cancer research.

The second most significant clue related to the cause of cancer is that cancer cells in vitro will not multiply without the addition of a growth factor, such as blood serum from calves. Growth factors or enzymes are essential for DNA doubling and cancer growth. Due to the similarity of DNA in all living things, parasitic fungi or bacteria can produce the growth factor. The unrestrained production of growth factors, by parasites in the human body, results in abnormal growths called neoplasms, benign growths and pre-cancerous lesions. The observation that growth factor is released by a cancer tumor indicates growth factor is being produced inside the tumor by pathogens. The observation that cancer cells lose human traits and become more primitive can only be explained as a consequence of growth factors from a primitive life form.

The third most significant clue regarding the cause of cancer is that up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane-cell features. That’s because cancer originates with infected membrane cells that receive epithelial growth factors from fungi or parasites. Fungal infection of leukocytes (white blood cells) causes leukemia, but tumors do not form because leukocytes do not form membranes. Bone cancer does not cause unrestrained bone growth because fungi do not produce bone growth factor. The same limitation applies to all organ tissue. Cancer consumes those cells that require growth factors fungi don't have. Fungi produce epithelial growth factor (EGG), like the skin of a mushroom, which can combine with human epithelial growth factor to mutate cell walls. New cells are unsuitable for performing their original function and are rejected like a skin graft that does not take. Fungi also produce bodies, like a mushroom, complete with arteries and veins as found in tumors formed by these mutated and rejected cells. All aspects of tumor growth have a fungal-based explanation.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved all cancer cells produce energy through fermentation of glucose, identical to the process used by fungi to ferment sugars. All of the observed traits of cancer cells can be explained if we recognize that cancer starts with a mass of infected cells locked in fermentative metabolism by fungal enzymes. The loss of oxidative metabolism and the subsequent loss of AT limits immune system function, allowing fungal controlled cells to multiply unchecked. The transfer of food nutrients from the production of AT to increased rate of growth explains why fermentative cells grow faster than oxidative cells.

We do not experience cancer of the heart, arteries or veins. If cancer metastasizes through flowing blood, as we are told, we should have cancer in these tissues first. Why not? The high oxygen level in flowing blood destroys fermentative cells. That’s why oxygen and ozone therapy, banned in North America, can help prevent and cure cancer. Unrestrained growth of abnormal cells must stop if we eliminate the microbial source of growth factors in our body by eliminating all parasites. A herbal parasite cleanse program will help. Numerous effective cancer cures that reduce or eliminate infection, inflammation, toxins and pollutants are being ignored or suppressed while archaic methods that destroy the immune system and rapidly growing cells are permitted.
Destroying all rapidly growing cells with toxic drugs is a horrible medical mistake because it defeats the body’s only method to stop rapid cancer growth.

How Injuries Trigger Rapid Unrestrained Growth

It is well known within mainstream medicine that the body produces a current-of-injury that causes cells to multiply rapidly to repair an injury. An CG (electrocardiogram) measures the current-of-injury following a heart attack. Dr. Robert Backer's demonstrated that a man-made energy field could also control the rate of growth for repair of injury. He connected a miniature battery to the stumps of amputated legs of frogs and rats and they grew replacement parts. Hospitals apply an energy field to speed healing of crushed bones. Obviously, energy and nutritional factors control the rate of growth in the normal repair-of-injury process.

Cancer is defined as a group of diseases with the symptom of unrestrained growth. It is a well-known fact that injuries, such as cuts, do not heal if infected. It follows that unrestrained growth can be explained as a natural process resulting from internal injuries that do not heal due to an infection. Breaking the membrane of a pre-cancerous lesion, for example, initiates rapid doubling of infected cells and the pathogens within them. Lack of healing traps the repair-of-injury mechanism in high gear, doubling pathogens, infected cells and the subsequent mutated cells. That’s cancer. Obviously, destroying all rapidly growing cells with toxic drugs will not allow the injury to heal and shut down the current of injury. That’s why chemotherapy is such a failure.

Membrane injuries causing rapid growth may occur in different ways. Besides exploratory surgery, exerting excessive pressure on a breast lump during a mammogram could break the membrane and trigger rapid growth. Following a physical injury, blood clots trapped in ligament tissue will allow blood sugars to ferment and cause an infection resulting in a sarcoma.

We must also recognize that parasitic larvae produce growth factors, eat through membrane walls, infect adjacent cells, and initiate the current of injury. That’s why Dr. Finger succeeded in initiating cancer in the laboratory by feeding parasitic larvae to mice and rats. That’s why genetic cancer research has had no success in finding the cause of cancer.

The theoretical concept of an indigene, or controller gene, is scientifically impossible. There are only 64 possible gene bases that comprise the “Universal Genetic Code.” All gene bases are functionally equal producing 20 well-known amino acids. None control other genes and none control rate of growth. No known human genetic defects contribute directly to unrestrained or rapid growth. There are no scientific bases for assuming defective genes cause cancer.

All of the so-called carcinogens, mutates, and hereditary genetic factors that “predispose” one to genetic defects also predispose one to infection, inflammation and abnormal growths. In the 480-page text, CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up, the author supports all of these issues with direct references from established medical research. It is impossible for an open minded reader to review the data and not accept the theory that parasitic growth factors initiate abnormal so-called “benign” growth and that the current-of-injury initiates unrestrained “malignant” growth.

The aggressive or non-aggressive nature of cancer can also be explained using established medical research. The rate of cell doubling is proportional to the size of the injury, the vitality of the body, nutritional factors, and the amount of growth factor being produced by the microbes.

The cancer epidemic is the first microbial epidemic in history in which mainstream medicine denies the cause and does nothing to stop it. If left unchecked, our complete medical-political-social-economic system will collapse under the burden of disease and health care expense.

The obvious solution is to deregulate health care and break the chain of command from the drug cartel to our health care providers. Free our dedicated doctors. Stop the suppression of medical devices and ozone therapy that can stop the cancer process. Stop needless regulation of Natural Health Products that maintain health. Allow people who do not have a financial conflict of interest in health care regulate health care policy and educate the public through the mass media. It’s the only way. Our well being and the well being of future generations depend on the outcome.

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