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In spite of what is written in medical books the cause of idiopathic hypertension is well known, and what's more, there is an effective means to completely cure patients from the condition.
Hypertension is caused by the food we eat and is related to poor functioning of our control system. The center which controls all body functions is the brain. A bad diet does not provide our central nervous systems with the nourishment and energy needed to function properly. As the result, blood flow to the brain is increased, which in turn can result in other complications such as increased activity of the sympathetic system (ie. heart palpitation, contraction of aorta circumference). Patients with hypertension have unstable blood pressure which periodically changes from very low to very high levels. If not treated hypertension can result in changes in the diameter of arteries and accelerated damage to internal organs such as the brain, kidneys, heart, retina.
After some time the aorta pressure of patients with hypertension continuously remains at high levels. At that stage the walls of the aorta although physiologically elastic become hard and lose their ability to change diameter according to the volume of blood flow.
As mentioned in medical publications a diet high in salt results in many adverse chemical reactions within the body. People following the optimal nutrition diet provide their bodies with more than enough energy which means they need a minimal amount of salt.
Contemporary medicine in hypertension therapy focuses mainly on treating the symptoms of the condition with chemical agents. Associated with the actions of these chemical agents are undesirable side effects which are very often dangerous to a patient's health (i.e. accretion in sclerotic arteries).
Optimal nutrition can eliminate the cause and development of hypertension. A reduction in arterial pressure is noticeable in the first week of patients following the optimal nutrition diet. It should be noted that in cases where the condition has developed over several years an improvement in the condition may only be noticeable after months rather than days of following the optimal diet.
A person suffering from hypertension who follows the optimal diet functions quite safely without any medicine and improvements in the condition of internal organs can even be derived.
An important factor in the treatment is the use of selective currents SC (elaborated by Dr. J. Kwasniewski). At the first stage during so called unstable pressures the SC are applied to the head which complimented by an optimal diet ensures a good supply of energy to the brain. In more advanced cases it is necessary to widen the peripheral vessels by applying electrodes differently. The whole treatment must be under the supervision of an optimal doctor.
Excellent results have been observed at the Centre of Optimal Nutrition in Jastrzebia Gora in patients treated by selective currents and an optimal diet despite the condition being recognized by conventional medicine as incurable.

Przemyslaw Pala, M. D.
Consultant and Medical Administrator
of the Centre for Optimal Nutrition
in Jastrzebia Gora Poland

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