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Doctor Kwasniewski IS RIGHT!

I am a biochemist M.D., Ph.D., with 60 years experience. I consider that doctor Kwasniewski is right regarding consumption of carbohydrates /low carbohydrates diet / and animal fat.
In 1971, I have discovered that I have advanced arterial sclerosis. Although I had been treated and advised by titled doctors in the medical world, the condition of my health did not improve. I was told that I should not consume eggs, butter, animal fat but consumes large quantities of vegetable, fruits and its preservatives, white bread, jam, honey and use cooking oil.
I decided to look for the cause of my deteriorated health. I read a few works of Prof. Aleksandrowicz and many articles other scientists. I have changed my eating habit, I have started low carbohydrates diet rich in an animal saturated fat. After three months on that diet the arterial sclerosis began to withdraw.
At present I am 79 years old and still use the low carbohydrate diet and I feel excellent. The results of laboratory analysis /triglycerides and cholesterol/ are wonderful.
I am of opinion that doctor of medicine Kwasniewski is right, he has support of thousands cured people and positive analysis of his studies. There is a group of professors/ heads of departments which does not allow and accept changes in their way of thinking about correct nutrition because this can threaten their financial position.
I have long period of practice on my body and I ascertain that the low carbohydrates diet is a healthy diet and should be supported and used by many people , obviously with the doctor's consultation.
Z. Broda M.D., Ph.D.

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