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A Vast Conspiracy To Drug America Into Apathy And Control

Mental Decline Is Linked to Heart Bypass Surgery

Things are NOT what them seem to be!

In this expose I, Karl Loren, reveal one of the most basic attacks on civilization that exists today -- I demonstrate the truth of the fact that whether it was Bush or Gore who won, THIS conspiracy was ready to move ahead with the drugging of America.

When The New York Times leads the battle in the Drugging Of America, and I copy their material, the laws on copyright are loud and clear.  You may, indeed, copy material that is copyrighted for the purpose of "Fair Comment."  The New York Times article is below.

The Secrets Are Being Told! So, I accuse the New York Times, and most of the rest of the media, for telling a story that got huge headlines for one day, but for NOT telling you the truth below that story. That story, not told, is the story that needs to be told

This expose should rock the world -- and with your help it can.  The only reason these drug pushers continue to get away with their filth is because NOT ENOUGH of you are spreading the word, and speaking out.  Help me and help yourself.
Tell people about this article and help save society.

Let people know about this data -- the data alone can save a person's life -- if more people know about this, there is a chance that society can be saved -- that's how important this is!

Here are the highlights:

  • Health care costs have been one of the fastest growing of any type of cost in society!

  • Health care costs have actually risen to more than 14% of the entire GDP

  • For some years the smart doctors, and smart hospitals, saw that bypass surgery was the place to go if you wanted to earn millions of dollars.

  • But, these heart specialists didn't have the long vision.  They never had a chance.  Those who want to earn more money, within health care, realize that total health care costs cannot continue on the rapid increase -- else there would be price controls or some intervention by the government -- or revolt by the people.  They secretly planned for the drugging of America!

  • Here and there some thoughtful doctor talks about the whole mess.

  • For these reasons a vast conspiratorial plan was hatched, decades ago.  I wrote about this in 1994!

  • This plan involved deliberately building up total health costs as rapidly as possible -- yes!

  • But, making the part of that increased cost something that could be deliberately sacrificed, some time in the future, in favor of the real master planners -- the drug companies.  I exposed the entire Master Plan in one whole Chapter of my Book, several years ago.

  • That plan, then, selected heart disease as the primary health problem, and bypass surgery as the temporary solution.

  • The idea was to greatly increase the popularity of bypass surgery, even though it was known to be a bad solution to heart disease -- but it was dramatic and the very high cost could be justified by the high tech requirements for delivering it.  It was always a fraud, but it was certainly
    not recognized as a fraud.

  • The fraud was covered increasingly by leading newspapers.

  • When bypass got up to many billions of dollars per year, and the total of
    ALL health care had risen to the maximum percent of the GDP, then a concerted effort would be made to demolish bypass surgery in favor of drugs.

  • That plan started many years ago.  It continues today.  Health care costs
    will stay relatively stable while the internal mix of costs shift drastically
    AWAY from bypass surgery TOWARD drugs.

  • Drug costs are now rising even more rapidly than heart surgery costs. 
    Click here.

  • Some of the final nails are being hammered into the bypass coffin, with the headlines in newspapers around the world -- February 8, 2001, reporting the publication of a carefully planned attack on bypass -- showing that bypass patients, more than 40% of them, suffer at least

  • a 20% reduction in mental ability by the time of five years after surgery.

In The New England Journal Of Medicine, issue dated February 8, 2001, a study on bypass surgery was reported.

This study contained the stunning information that more than half of the people who have bypass surgery suffer a decline by at least 20% in mental ability, and that 42% of the people who have had bypass still have this drastic decrease in mental ability even five years later.

Needless to say, this is NOT good news for the thousands of doctors who make their living by diagnosing the "need" for bypass and performing the surgery.

This single study will probably decrease the use of bypass surgery in the US by
a very significant percentage -- and will undoubtedly be the direct cause of
some large number of doctors who retire early, or change their careers to
leave this sinking ship.

As astounding as this story is, the underlying facts are far more astounding.

For years the politically correct viewpoint has been that heart disease was primarily caused by poor diet -- including eating eggs and butter.  The fact that this is completely false does not phase those who make this claim.

Why? Because they know that the recommended diet is not only harmful, but is so difficult for most people to follow that they will never blame the doctor, but
will only blame themselves for their failure to be able to stay on the diet.


The data? Some 23% of all the Medicare patients there died after bypass surgery in 1984! This death rate was ten times higher than the best bypass surgery centers.

Was this unusual? Well no! What was unusual was that the statistics on
death rates for bypass surgery had been kept hidden for many years and
only in 1984, for the first time, did these figures finally get into the media.

But, at least it is a fourth line of defense -- even though an invalid defense.

Why do the hospitals like bypass surgery?

"The money in medicine is in cardiac surgery," says James Hinton, chief executive of Presbyterian Health Services, the hospital's parent.
"Cardiology is unquestionably profitable. That's what they're going after."

The reason is right there -- money --- greed.  Click here for that entire story in the Wall  Street Journal.

Since the first three lines of defense have been such miserable failures, the fourth line, bypass surgery, has become one of the fastest growing types of medical procedures in history, and now accounts for many billions of dollars per year -- surgery that makes the doctors rich, and the patients worse off.

Can you believe it, then, when the "establishment" comes out to be critical of bypass surgery?

What can be the reason for that?

The reason is simple.  The plan was laid in place many, many years ago. The Master Planners knew that people who have health insurance, and don't pay their own health costs, will always seek more and better (free) treatment. The Master Planners agreed that they would allow bypass surgery to take the "last chance position" at very high cost for each surgery.

They knew that bypass surgery would become a larger and larger part of the total bill for medical care -- and that when bypass surgery got high enough, it would then be safe to start attacking it as worthless.

That is the attack you have seen over the last few years.

Like The Grains Of Sand In An Hour Glass!

One drop of sand, then another!  You don't think each grain of sand means
much, but in a bit, the time has passed.  In a few more years you will see that bypass surgery is in complete disgrace as a medical practice
The individual attacks are rather infrequent, but they build  up on you.  You see
a story here, and then there, now and then, and you gradually begin to realize that bypass is NOT a very good solution to heart disease.

In the mean time, the drug companies who had been producing worthless heart medications have come out with NEW (also worthless) drugs for heart treatment. The fact that they are "new" hides the fact that they are also worthless.

So, here is the bottom line.

As all of the money that has been spent for bypass surgery continues to increase, and then to start decreasing because of the bad publicity on bypass, there are new drugs coming on the scene to solve your problem.

And, you see, the total cost of medical care does NOT go up -- or not much!

The drug industry is deliberately taking money out of the pockets of the heart surgeons and putting into their own pockets.

It is hard for the government to deny the poor citizen his "right" of access to prescription drugs -- but it would be easy for the government to look for ways
to avoid giving every citizen who wanted one, one of those $100,000 expensive bypass surgeries.

Can you see the difference, politically, between Congress passing a law for "Senior Prescription Drugs," compared with "Universal Bypass Surgery?"   The country still believes in drugs.  A large percentage of society is skeptical about bypass surgery.


For instance:

WASHINGTON -- Retail spending on prescription drugs grew 84%, or $42.7 billion, between 1993 and 1998, a new study said.

The study, conducted for the National Institute for Health Care Management Research and Education Foundation by Barents Group LLC, said most of the increased cost is being borne by third parties such as employers and health plans.

But it warned that consumers eventually will be forced to pay for the increase in drug costs through higher premiums, reduced wages or reduced services.

According to the study, retail prescription drug expenditures grew from
$50.6 billion in 1993 to $93.4 billion last year.

The study said more than 30% of the growth in spending on prescription
drugs came from sales in "four therapeutic categories - oral antihistamines, antidepressants, cholesterol reducers, and anti-ulcerants - which tend to include heavily advertised drugs."

"Pharmaceuticals are consuming an ever bigger piece of the health care
pie," said NIHCM Foundation President Nancy Chockley

"In 1998, for every dollar spent by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry on research and development, nearly 50 cents was spent on product
promotion," she said.

It would be easy to criticize a single person getting $100,000 worth of bypass surgery, but that same amount of money would probably buy drugs for 100 different people each year.  So, drugs seem cheaper than bypass, and it is
easier to get government health insurance to pay for drugs.

It is even easier to increase the drug money within the government budget if the total cost of health care is NOT going higher.

So, how do you do that?

You plan on a series of attacks on bypass surgery while you plan some clever public relations campaign to promote the new drugs for heart health.

If that were the only story it would be bad enough, but now take a look at the other ways that the drug companies are starting to increase their grab at your money.

Premenstrual Syndrome is the term used to describe a woman who seems
irritable during the menstrual cycle every month.

That condition has not become a new mental disease.

Their patent monopoly on that drug expires in just a very short time. Then many others will be able to make it, even though by a different name, and the price for Prozac will drop tremendously.

So, Lilly found a way to take the same drug, Prozac, repackage with NEW health claims -- a claim that it would "cure" this new mental disease -- PMS.  Since the patent laws allow a new monopoly on this "new" drug (because of the new types of claims) the Lilly company has been able to extend for many years to sale of
their evil stuff.  Click here for details.  More details here.

But at what cost?

The cost is the invention of a new mental disease and the drugging of women
who have a hard time for some days during the month.  The fact that a change in diet would make these symptoms disappear is NOT of interest to either doctors
or the drug companies.  In fact, the official government recommended diet will increase the problems of PMS.

Now, let's consider another extremely common health problem -- arthritis.

The drug companies have a drug for arthritis.  It certainly doesn't cure arthritis,
but it is a pain killer and it "works."  The fact that MSM works as well or better, at
a fraction of the cost? Well, let's suppress that information while the government health insurance pays for the drug.

But, there is always fighting WITHIN the drug industry, and Tylenol wants to get
its increased share of the health budget.

So, they come out with a non-prescription, but special form, of Tylenol just for arthritis. They are selling millions of bottles.

Then, cleverly, and maliciously, they know that if a person will be more active, exercise, their arthritis pain will decrease.  So, they give millions of dollars to your local YMCA and YWCA to sponsor "Seniors' Swim Exercise Classes."

I've seen them.

They don't really help much, but they, again, make the person feel guilty for NOT getting enough exercise so as to defeat the pain of arthritis.

The doctor says to you, "Take this arthritis drug AND get more exercise."

Even though more exercise might be beneficial for you, the doctors know you
won't do it, or that only a very few will do it.

So, you fail to do the swim class at your local YMCA (widely advertised with
grants to the YMCA, from the drug companies, through the front men of the
non-profit foundation for Arthritis, etc.

You fail! 

Now that you have failed, you feel guilty and don't complain that your only
solution, now, is a drug.

And the government-paid health insurance pays! 

After all, you deserve the best drugs that money can buy!

There are more and more instances of drugs being promoted as the solution to
all medical problems -- whereas the government recommendation on diet is
exactly the one that will increase the amount of disease.

Where does this all lead?

To the drugging of America.

So, when you hear that bypass surgery causes damage to mental abilities, recognize that as what it is -- a blatant to move money out of the high-priced surgical part of health care into the lower cost drug part of health care.

And, both Republicans and Democrats are falling all over themselves to give you FREE drug prescriptions -- after all, you deserve the best health care in the world
-- at least the best that drugs can provide.

What do you think is the purpose of drugging America?

I'll reveal that dirty secret another day -- or write me personally and I'll answer that question for you.

Karl Loren

Part 1, Part 2

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