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Bronchial asthma is still frequently considered as a main cause of sudden death despite the development of contemporary medicine. The disease is associated with a paroxysmal reduction of respiratory track patency caused by swelling of mucosa, increased secretion of mucus, and brionchiospasm (viz. the prevalence of parasympathetic system (PS) in the respiratory system).
Conventional medicine looks for the cause of allergic reactions, disease complications of other bodily systems or acute neurosis.
A certain diet profile is behind the development of asthma which also has a family history.
Everyone has contact with allergens but not everyone becomes sick. For example, some neurosis patients only suffer asthma when a different way of eating is observed. This suggests that the cause of asthma is related to diet. In the case of patients who followed the optimal nutrition diet an improvement in the condition has been noted. Conventional medicine relies on drugs which contain chemicals that stimulate receptors of the sympathetic system (S), Corticosteroids, Aminophylline, Anticholinergic, and Disodium cromoglicate. Unfortunately these drugs can have various side effects such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, sclerosis, gastric ulcer, arrhythmia, convulsion and in drugs such as Disodium cromoglicate a patients condition can become worse.
In conventional medicine bronchial asthma is regarded as an incurable disease. The only way to cure this dangerous illness is by optimal nutrition which addresses not only the symptoms of the condition but also the cause. For the full benefit of optimal nutrition to be derived, it must be complimented by selective current therapy, which applied locally (respiratory system) stimulates the sympathetic system (S) and increases the size of bronchi. The best results are achieved in cases of full and correct diagnosis of bronchial asthma. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is not always correct, in which cases other conditions such as chronic obturation of lungs, cardiac asthma, lung collapse and pulmonary emphysema may be present. In all cases there is a predominance of lung structure damage and recovery takes longer and is not so spectacular.
The nature of the above type of illness requires that treatment be undertaken at a centre of optimal nutrition. At the start of the optimal nutrition diet it is necessary for patients to consume individual daily quantities of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and undergo regular sessions of selective current therapy. Patients must also be correctly diagnosed by a doctor trained in optimal nutrition before undergoing treatment.
The Centre of Optimal Nutrition in Jastrzebia Gora is the only institution within Poland which provides professional lectures in optimal nutrition (2-3 hours daily by Dietician) and satisfies all the requirements mentioned above for treatment. In addition, the microclimate in Jastrzebia Gora is conducive for the treatment of respiratory conditions.
In the past few months real improvements in 100% of about 60 patients (both adults and children) with asthma undergoing the above treatment have been observed and 70 % of these patients have completely recovered (absence of dyspnoea after they discontinued this medicine). In one patient a recovery from 10 years of asthma was observed in just 4 days of treatment.
Such results cannot be claimed to be achieved by any other treatments for bronchial asthma.

Mariusz Glowacki M. D.
Consultant and Medical Administrator
of the Centre for Optimal Nutrition
in Jastrzebia Gora Poland

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