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Eggs were design by nature to be complete nutrient reserve for the developing chick. Eggs are important food for humans because of their high nutrition value and affordable cost. For many years eggs have become the visual icon of high cholesterol, and many consumers have responded by limiting or eliminating eggs from their diets. New research not only questions the validity of old concepts but present documented evidence that the old beliefs don't hold up well to rigorous scrutiny. Over the years there have been numerous reports that eggs consumption is not related to either plasma cholesterol levels or coronary heart disease incidence.
The fact is that most industrialised countries have reviewed the experimental and epidemiological evidence and their nutrition experts determined that dietary cholesterol restrictions are unnecessary for a heart healthy diet. In addition, studies are showing that restricting eggs from the diet can have negative nutrition effects.
Eggs are a source of biologically available lutein and zeaxanthin which help protect against age related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. The protein quality of eggs is the highest value in the supermarket. The egg contains all the essential amino acids in a proper proportion to fulfil the needs for human growth and tissue maintenance. The only food that contains a more ideal mix of essential amino acids than an egg is mother's milk.
Now all we have to do is give the public a new visual icon for heart disease risk and we can correct an unsubstantiated, outdated, unwarranted restriction on a valuable contributor to a nutritional diet. Slowly but surely, and with an ever expanding body of scientific evidence, eggs are coming back to their rightful place in diet. And for all those people who have been avoiding a food they enjoy, this will be a valuable shift in the conventional wisdom which allow them to again welcome eggs back into their heart healthy diet

  I have degeneration of spine and joints. Coronary disease and progressive atherosclerosis have caused me breathing problems and I have pains in my chest. All this made my life difficult and I could only walk a short distance. I weighed 100 kg. Now after 14 days I feel good, my weight has dropped to 94 kg, my heart pain has ceased, and my legs are so much better I can walk 4 km without getting out of breath and I have gained a new will to live.
All this thanks to the diet which includes a lot of fat. The fat which was forbidden by others doctors. They harmed to my health. I am 63 years old and I feel very well and for this I heartily thank Dr Kwasniewski and his personnel who with tenderness and understanding help many sick patients. I consider there should be more similar clinics and then society would be more healthy. Once more thank to you, my loveable Dr Kwasniewski, I wish you long life so that you can take care of many more people.

J. Jasiewicz (Mrs), Koniecpol

More about eggs visit http://www.enc-online.org/index.htm

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