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Dear Optimal Diet User,

Calculus Victus - Optimal Diet Manager is a very friendly, convenient way to plan and prepare your daily or monthly meals.

Wide variety of menus included in the Calculus Victus - Optimal Diet Manager deliver full satisfaction not only nutritional but also the sense of qualities and flavour of this diet known as Optimal Diet by Polish Doctor Jan Kwasniewski.

This feature-full application not only takes out the complexity of your daily diet calculations but it is a reference library of dietary information for hundreds of products, a cookbook with pictures and cooking instructions for dozens of recipes, it produces menu for up to four week cycles and even prepares shopping list for you. Program calculates daily dietary requirements based on Dr Krzysztof Michalak's 'Dietetyk' algorithm.

This is Australian Release. When gathering data for Calculus Victus it has been found that dietary information differs slightly in different countries. This does not have any impact on ones daily balance.

All recipes were prepared by our chef. With step-by-step instructions they are easy to prepare and are very, very tasty.

Calculus Victus - Optimal Diet Manager is in English and Polish language version.


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