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P 44g, F 82g, C 26g, 1 : 1.9 : 0.6, 1047 kcal

Two spoonfuls of wurst pate, one soft boiled egg, 2 cheese pancakes, a glass of cocoa. To make cocoa, mix equal amounts of milk and cream, and bring to a boil. Take out two spoonfuls of the hot milk mixture and put into a cup. Add a teaspoon of cocoa to the milk in the cup and thoroughly mix. Pour in the remaining hot milk. Do not sweeten.

P 25g, F 90g, C, 16g 1 : 3.6 : 0.6, 974 kcal

Remove the sausage casings from two wieners. Wrap each one in a long piece of smoked bacon (50g) and attach with toothpicks. Heat a tablespoon of lard (25g) in a frying pan. Put the wrapped wieners in the pan and cover. Occasionally turn the wieners, and cook until the whole strip of bacon has turned brown. Put thin slices of white bread (30g) in the frying pan and fry until as much grease as possible has been soaked up. Wash down with a cup of unsweetened tea.

P 29g, F 109g, C 10g, 1 : 3.8 : 0.3, 1180 kcal

One cup (7 fl. oz.) of celery soup with egg yolks. French fries (3 1/2 oz.) and a shish kebab (7 oz.) One smallish tomato sliced with an onion and covered with olive oil.

Total for Day six
P 98g, F 28 1 g, C 52g, 1 : 2.9 : 0.5, 3201 kcal

P 14g, F 43g, C 0 1 : 3 : 0 440 kcal

Remove the casing from 15 grams of a wurst (soft sausage) and put in a mixing bowl. Add 100 grams of grated cheese, 3 yolks from hard boiled eggs, a teaspoon of mustard and a half package (100g) of soft butter. Mash all of the ingredients together until soft. Adding extra salt should be unnecessary because cheese and store bought wursts are usually presalted.

P 4g, F 20g, C 0.2g 1 : 5 : 0 216 kcal

Boil a minced onion (80g) and 300 grams of celery in a small quantity of water. Either sieve out the vegetables or mix them with the water until creamy. Add 1/2 litre of stock, soup spices and a teaspoon of butter. Bring to a boil and turn the heat down to low. Beat 6 yolks (2 per serving) in a large glass. Add a couple of spoonfuls of the hot soup and mix a little more. Add the egg mixture in with the rest of the hot soup. Salt to taste. Warm the soup up, but prevent the yolks from turning sour by not letting the soup boil. Serve in cups without any extras.

P 1. 1 g, F 12.5g, C 13g l : 11.4 : 11.8 173 kcal

Peel some potatoes and then weigh them to make sure that there is no more than 100 grams per person. Cut into fingers. Heat 1 tablespoon of lard or beef tallow per 100 grams of potatoes in a deep frying pan. Add the potatoes and cook on moderate heat, stirring with a fork so that they turn golden on all sides and have started to shrive a bit. Serve immediately while still very hot since they lose their taste when cooled.

P 13g, F 32g, C 1.2g 1 : 2.3 : 0.1 340 kcal

Shish kebab meat should be put in a marinade two days in advance. In a bowl, mix: 5 tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil, two tablespoons of dry red wine, a teaspoon of wine vinegar, a teaspoon of ketchup and a couple drops of liquid soup spice or soy sauce. Spice this marinade with a half teaspoon of each of the following: pepper, ground all spice, crumbled bay leaves and paprika. Unsalted marinade mix can also be used.
Cut 750 grams of a cut from a pork collar into pieces of just over 25 mm by 25 mm by 10 mm. Put them into the marinade. Stir the marinade and make sure that all pieces are covered. Put in a cool place for two days.
Cut a half kilo block of bacon into pieces as large as the ones from the pork collar. Slice three onions (300g) into thin pieces. Wash 200 grams of mushrooms and allow to dry. Cut the largest mushrooms into halves and quarters, leave smaller mushrooms whole. Stick series of pieces of meat, bacon, onion and mushroom on metal skewers. Barbecue for around 40 minutes.
If it is not barbecue season, shish kabobs can be cooked in the oven on a rack placed in or over a pan that will catch the dripping fat.
Different ingredients may be used in the shish kabobs, for example pieces of sausage, red or green pepper, etc. but the main ingredients should always be pork meat and bacon or bacon fat.
Note: the data in the box may vary depending on the fattiness of the meat used.

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