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Erwin van Litsenburg

9.13 AM

  Re: Vitamin supplement  

I want to start with the Homo Optimus diet.
However I would like to take vitamin supplements (a multi vitamin supplement and 3 grams of Vitamin C).
Is this ok, or is this harmful?


S. Popis


Re: Re: Vitamin supplement  

Vitamin supplement improves immune function in a body and is always required when our body is aging from the age of 27 - 29 years.

Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Compared to commonly used prescription drugs, side effects are virtually nonexistent. It does not cause kidney stones. In fact, Vitamin C increases urine flow and favorably lowers the pH to help keeps stones from forming.
Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid or ascorbate.
It is a water-soluble vitamin that has a long history of study. Years ago, the famous researcher, Linus Pauling recognized ascorbate’s usefulness in the common cold, vitamin C deficiency was associated with increased risk of coronary events. No one today doubts ascorbate’’s power as an antioxidant. It’s ability to donate hydrogen atoms from its two hydroxyl positions to neutralize free radicals makes it one of the body’s most powerful defense mechanisms.

As a matter of fact, ascorbate is one of a handful of antioxidants that is able to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier, making it a useful natural adjunctive to fighting off various infectious organisms that have high affinity to the brain.

It is useful in cancer prevention because it is able to prevent the formation of nitrosamines. It has shown itself to be able to dramatically reduce cervical dysplasia and bladder tumors. The value of this nutrient cannot be overemphasized.

Severe symptoms of deficiency can lead to Scurvy, though this is hardly seen today. The syndrome appears as muscle weakness, sore and bleeding gums, tooth loss, depression, sub-dermal bleeding, and fatigue.

In general, a deficiency of ascorbate consists of easy bruising, arthralgia, nosebleeds, frequent infections, poor appetite and growth, slow wound healing, tender and swollen joints.

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen formation and tissue repair, this is why it is also helpful in preventing wrinkles and premature skin problems. It is often given to patients who are recovering from wounds and burns to aid in skin and tissue formation.

Ascorbate participates in a variety of metabolic systems that ultimately lead to more synthesis of phenylalanine, tyrosine, folic acid and iron. It also strengthens blood vessels and may reduce cholesterol.

The major side effect of vitamin C overloads is an unmistakable 5-times-an-hour diarrhea. This indicates absolute saturation, and the daily dose is then dropped to the highest amount that will not bring about diarrhea



Erwin van Litsenburg

6.55 PM

Re: Wheat Bread  

Is it harmful to add bread to the diet?

I want to add some bread (one or two slices) in order to obtain enough carbohydrates.
It is difficult for me to add enough carbohydrates. Bread is a good supplier of carbohydrates,
but I have doubts whether to add bread.

Help me please!


S. Popis

6.30 PM

Re: Re: Wheat Bread  

This is what Dr. Jozef Mercola is saying about wheat bread.

Since 1990, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines have recommended that Americans eat six to 11 servings of bread and other grain foods every day, and many consumers dutifully purchase wheat bread as opposed to white bread because they believe it is more nutritious. The American Academy of Pediatrics even says that 'whole-wheat bread offers a nutritional advantage over white bread.'

While this may be true to some extent, wheat bread should not be considered a healthy or necessary part of the diet. Wheat is often contaminated with mycotoxins and no matter what the form, wheat, whole wheat, cracked wheat, sprouted wheat, and so on, they will all be capable of causing the same problems including:

Celiac disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Developmental Delay in Children
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Intolerance to wheat is far more common than doctors typically recognize.

Little did I know that wheat, and nearly all other grains, rapidly convert to sugar and rapidly accelerate aging and chronic illness in most, although certainly not all of us.

If you have a metabolic type that is carbohydrate oriented (this is only one-third of people) and you are not overweight and don’t have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes then grains are a possible option for you. But, rest assured that if you indulge in grains to excess you are heading for any number of diseases.

S. Popis



5.26 PM

Re: Facial paralysis  

My name is Kris, I am a 32 yr old male. I have been on the optimal diet for about two weeks. I understand the principles of the diet. My question is: Can this help me rid myself of partial facial paralysis I have been suffering for three years? I got bells palsy in November of 2000. Though it has gotten better, it is still not a hundred precent. Will this diet help reinvigorate my nerves and muscles that stayed dormant for three years? Will it also correct the synkinesis I developed? Thank you in advance.


Dr. J.Kwasniewski

10.35 AM

RE: Re: Facial paralysis  
The cause of the facial nerves paralysis on one side can be caused by different reasons.

Very often the symptoms of the disease reverse, but not always. Your muscles paresis is caused by impairment of facial nerve and last about 3 years. I guess that your cure till now was no help. Optimal nutrition can bring the improvement, but after some time. When the paralysis will start to diminish after few months it will be advisable to introduce a selective current and electrostimulation of the muscles by current and parameters depending on muscle paralysis.

Best regards,

Dr Jan Kwasniewski



8.24 PM


Re: Vitamin C  

I am a little confused as the dosage for the Vitamin C? Could you please elaborate? As for Vitamin A it hard in the USA to get good carrot juice (usually they synthetic), I bought some vitamin A would be the approximate dosage? Once again thank you very much. By the way it is not total paralysis...it was now it just partial. Well, I am in New York, as for selective current and electro-stimulation..... may I use acupuncture. That's where is was going when i first got this disease...it did help somewhat. My acupuncturist uses electro-acupuncture, is that a good supplement?


Stan Popis

6.45 PM

Re: Re: Vitamin C  
There is not one case of vitamin C toxicity anywhere in the world's medical literature. There is not one case of vitamin C-caused kidney stone ever proven, to the best of my knowledge. Vitamin C has been used to prevent and cure the formation of kidney stones since William J. McCormick, M.D. used it in 1946. 10,000 mg of ascorbic acid per day does not significantly increase urinary excretion of calcium. Daily doses of over 120,000 mg have been used with safety by medical doctors, and guinea pigs have been given the human daily dose equivalent of 500,000 mg without harm. The major side effect of vitamin C overload is an unmistakable 5-times-an-hour diarrhea. This indicates absolute saturation, and the daily dose is then dropped to the highest amount that will not bring about diarrhea.

The amount of oral ascorbic acid tolerated by a patient without producing diarrhea increases somewhat proportionately to the stress or toxicity of his disease. Bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid ameliorate the acute symptoms of many diseases. Lesser doses often have little effect on acute symptoms but assist the body in handling the stress of disease and may reduce the morbidity of the disease.

Natural Sources: Black currants, broccoli, cabbage, citrus fruits, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot) green peppers, Brussel’s sprouts, lemons, mangos and rose hips.

Background Information: Vitamin A is essential to life. There are many precursors to Vitamin A in the family known as carotenoids. Carotenoids are group of substances that include about 600 nutrients, some of which convert to vitamin A in the body. The most popular carotenoid is beta-carotene. Others, however, including lycopene, lutein, and zeaxantin, offer health protection equal to or better than beta carotene, though you hear much less about these in the media. Lycopene, which does not convert to vitamin A, is of particular interest for men’s prostate health. Carotenoids are found in plants such carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and other deep green, yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables. Retinol, another form of Vitamin A is found in animal products such as liver, egg yolk, cheese and milk. Generally speaking, Vitamin A guards against effects of pollution since it has anti-oxidant properties. Some people think this nutrient can improve symptoms of hyperthyroidism and age spots. In addition, Vitamin A improves immune functioning, but because Vitamin A is fat-soluble, it can accumulate if too high a dose is given chronically. Symptoms of Deficiency: Night blindness, lack of tear secretion, dry rough skin, weight loss, weak tooth enamel, acne, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea.

What this Vitamin Does: It acts as a cofactor in enzyme systems, necessary for bone growth, testicular function, ovarian function, embryonic development and differentiation of tissues. It is essential for normal function of the retina and enzyme systems that are necessary for night vision. Interactions: The following drugs and substances deplete Vitamin A in the body q· Antacids (Mylanta or Maalox) q· Cholestyramine q· Colestipol q· Mineral Oil q· Neomycin q· Excessive dosages of Vitamin E q· Tobacco q· Alcohol q· Olestra fat substitute (found in foods)

Natural Sources: Apricots (fresh), asparagus, broccoli, eggs, leaf lettuce, kale, mustard greens, milk, pumpkin, spinach, squash (winter) tomatoes, sweet potatoes and watermelon
Dosage: Typically dosed around 5000 IU (International Units) per day.

If acupuncture have helped you before, maybe now together with OD helps as well. You should try.
Previous US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said;

It is common sense to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.


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