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3.04 PM


Re: Diabetes Type I  

If someone who had type I diabetes has been cured by this diet please contact me. I have been desperately searching for some way to end the need for insulin.
Thank You



John James

3.00 PM

Re: Re: Diabetes Type I  

I cannot comment on type l diabetes but I have been diagnosed with type ll and the diet has certainly reduced my blood sugar levels. I don't follow it too closely but I am happily munching away at the bacon & eggs. Really enjoying myself. Giving up sugar has not been a problem and when I eat few Carbs I don't get hungry.

Try it for a month and keep testing your sugars, I am sure you will be using less insulin after 30 days.

MOST IMPORTANT. Do not use artificial sweeteners in your diet. I believe that Aspartame made me diabetic in the first place. I stopped using it and 30 days later my blood sugars were normal without medication. You must cut it out of the diet completely and its in everything!



S. Popis

7.00 PM

Re: Re : Diabetes Type I  
Optimal Diet sometimes is called a mathematical diet, it requires weighing and measure of the products to comply with the ratio of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates which are 1 : 2.5-3.5 : 0.8.
In other words for one kg of your ideal body weight you should consume during the day 1 gram of Proteins, 2.5 - 3.5 grams of Fat and 0.8 grams of Carbs.
Ideal body weight is equal your heights in cm less 100, eg. your height is 175 cm less 100 is 75 kg ± 10 %.
To start OD it is advisable to read the book by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski "Homo Optimus" or "Optimal Nutrition".
Awaiting for the book, you can use 7 days menu which should be considered examples and suggestions only; in no way are they obligatory.
Your everyday food intake should be supplemented by vitamin C. Clinical studies show that in diabetic patients vitamin C not only contributes to prevention of cardiovascular complications, but also helps to normalize the imbalance in the glucose metabolism.

Diabetic patients taking 300 to 500 mg of vitamin C a day could significantly improve glucose balance. Blood sugar levels could be lowered on average by 30%, daily insulin requirements by 27%, and sugar excretion in the urine could be almost eliminated.





6.53 PM

Re: Diabetes Type II  

I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I also have high blood pressure.
I started the diet a few months ago. My sugar levels are still high.
I admit I cheated in the past and did not follow the plan exactly. I am now very committed to the diet 100%. Can anyone offer advise. Is there a way to see faster results? Does anyone have any advice on diabetes, excercise and the diet?
Thank you!!



S. Popis

5.00 PM

Re: Re: Diabetes Type II  

As you have learned to cheat doesn’t pay, specially yourself. Your diabetes type 2 lately diagnosed should be cured on OD, but don’t expect immediate improvements in few days, it can take time.
We are damaging our health during long years, but we want improvement in few days, usually doesn’t work like that.
You have to be patient and persistent in achieving your goal - better health.
You have to cut on sugar, all grain products e.g. bread, macaroni and everything what contain flour, milk and milk products and most fruits and vegetable high on glucose, fructose etc.
If you cannot live without potatoes, try not more than 100 grams/d.
The best exercise for you is walk for not less than 30 - 40 min. daily.
It's been clear for some time that psychological stress is linked to high blood pressure, or hypertension, but the reason is unknown. It has been confirmed that mild stress can increase blood pressure and impair the cardiovascular system's ability to regulate itself. These changes might contribute, in susceptible individuals, to the link between psychological stress and increased cardiovascular risk of hypertension.
To find out more about CHD look here and at The Linus Pauling Therapy.
CoQ10 is widely used to treat congestive heart failure and lower blood pressure since it has the ability to improve the pumping action of the heart. CoQ10 helps protect against drug-induced toxicity of adriamycin, beta-blockers and psychiatric drugs.
Typically dosed around 30 –– 150 mg per day in divided doses
Magnesium is a mineral that is needed to promote proper bone growth, nerve and muscle function, heart rhythm and conduction of nerve impulses. Magnesium is more important to bone growth and strength than calcium. It also increases oxygenation of the heart by strengthening the force of contractions.
Substances which deplete this nutrient: Alcohol, excessive calcium intake, diabetes, soil depletion and food processing all contribute
Natural Sources: Almonds, avocados, bananas, seafood (cod, flounder, halibut, herring,) molasses, nuts, shrimp, swordfish, wheat germ and whole wheat bread.
Dosage: Typically dosed around 400 –– 1000 mg per day.





10.13 PM

Re: Diabetes  

My story is very much like Victors. I started the diet on Monday January 26th. I have had open heart surgery, I have hypertension, diabetes, Arthritis, Fibermalga,etc. I take a lot of pills.

I too consistantly gain weight and really watch what I eat. I would like a diet buddy if someone was interested. Someone who understands this ratio stuff and can maybe give me a hand.

I am trying to figure out this diet and just can't get the ratio thing through my head. I am kind of looking for a diet buddy who can look at what I am eating for each meal and say yes this is good or no this is bad or you need to add.


S. Popis

6 .40 PM

Re: Re: Diabetes  
In order to work out the correct daily food intake using the proportion of P : F : C as 1 : 2.5 - 3.5 : 0.5 - 0.8, one has to know how many grams of protein needs to be ingested in a day to satisfy body's requirements.
This amount varies from person to person and depends on a "ideal body weight". Ideal body weight, in kilograms, is equal to person's height in centimetres less 100 (± 10%). Thus, for a person 160 cm tall, a due body weight is 60 kg ± 6 kg. A correct amount of protein to be consumed in a day is approx. 1 g per 1 kilogram of a due bodyweight.
Thus, a 60 kg person needs to consume 60 ± 6 g of protein to satisfy body's daily needs. Any excess of protein, above the daily requirement, is converted by the body to fat, provided energy requirements are met by other components. Having worked out the amount of protein, one can then calculate the amount of other components in a daily menu.
Thus, for our typical 60 kg person, the consumption of 60 g of protein has to be accompanied by between 150 to 210 g of fat, and 30 to 50 g of carbohydrate in order to follow the principles of the Optimal Diet.

Any excess of carbohydrate, above the daily requirement (needed to prevent ketosis), is converted by the body to fat, provided energy requirements are met by other components. The main exception from that rule is the state of obesity. In such a case, the proportion between protein and fat should be changed to 1 : 2 in the initial period of 3-4 weeks (by the increase in protein and the reduction in fat intake), in order to stimulate the catabolism of the stored fat. The amount of carbohydrate should be kept low, preferably at no more then 40 g/day.

Subsequently, when the weight loss is well on the way, the amounts of protein and fat can be adjusted to the ideal proportion. The best products to be eaten while on the Optimal Diet are animal-sourced products, including eggs, cheeses, cream, meats, and all types of animal fat. The best fats are saturated ones, however, vegetable oil rich in monounsaturated fats (e.g. olive oil, or some nut oils) are also good. Products containing predominantly or exclusively polyunsaturated fats or trans-saturated fats (i.e. margarine) should be avoided because of deleterious effect on health.

The value of P, F, C per 100 g for some product you will find on my site looking for Products in navigation on the left side.

Optimal Association in Toronto has published their site about OD in Polish language. You can mail them ans ask they can help you with the diet at the beginning, maybe somebody using the diet stay in your area.
Site address: http://www.optymalni.com and e-mail: dieta@optymalni.com

In respect of your heart problem please read articles on my site start with article next to "beating heart" and follow links to " A Linus Pauling Therapy".

For hypertension try to use supplement of Magnesium - 3 or 4 x 500 mg daily. Magnesium does not have any side effect and is very important mineral in our body.

If your doctor prescribed you to take statins to lower cholesterol please read articles on my site about statins and use link to the site of Uffe Ravnskov "The Cholesterol Myth" to learn more about cholesterol.



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