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Anita C.

4.20 PM

Re: Optimal Diet      

For us, myself, my husband and two daughters M. (13) and C. (11) the diet has done some good things, even if it's nothing radical. When we started we were (on the surface) healthy, working and running like other people in the mid-life.
1. Since we started, July 2001, none in our family has been ill. Before we were ill at least two times a year, and the youngest one 4-6 times, very often ear problems with use of antibiotics. I have had, for six years in the row eye inflammations every September/October. They are gone since two autumns. Only daughter M. was stronger, she has been ill only three times in her life.
2. My nickel and sun allergy disappeared.
3. We have observed that we all are calmer and more harmonic then before.
4. My husbands stomach problems disappeared after three days.
5. I had problems with lumbago ischial. I couldn't drive sometimes or sit. Had pain most of the time and also strange feelings in both legs.
First the phantom feelings in the legs disappeared, later the pain down my back. I can still feel it when I'm driving for a longer time but it's MUCH better then before.
6. My older daughter M. has always been, by nature, most close to the optimal diet. (meat, eggs, no vegetables, seldom fruits, no serials) She was always bright in school. Now her teacher tells us that she exceeds in all subjects.
Younger daughter C. has always preferred vegetables, fruits, serials, sweets, some cheese, but no bread) We used to joke about our children that they eat so differently. When one liked something, you could be sure that the other one wouldn't. C. had difficulties in school with maths, writing and reading. Four month after eating optimal C's teacher told us that sheis among 3 best in class in maths and that she reads loud like an actor! she had most difficulties to start being optimal. She longed for fruits, sweets and fat was disgusting. But after a month her taste changed and now she always wants more fat from the pan over her bacon and eggs!

Our children have never drunk Cola Cola and the like drinks. Nobody liked it. Very seldom they ate fast food. They are both small and slim while their friends in class are two and three sizes bigger.



Teresa S.K.

1.45 PM

Re: Opimal Diet (re: Optimal Diet - Anita)      

For several years I had problems with my thyroid gland. After an operation when I was 39 I had to take pills called levaxin. As long as I can remember my legs tended to swollen despite the fact that I was slim. My hands and legs were always cold. After the age of 55 my health became rapidly worse. My thyroid gland started to grow again, looked like a half grapefruit on my throat and it was not possible to operate again. The blood pressure was high and often very high, I was ordered to take pills for lowering blod pressure and then diuretic pills. My legs were always swollen. My hands shaked.
According to the doctors my bones were a disaster, that why I was ordered to eat oestrogen. I fell several times on my way to work walking on a strait street. I became more and more depressed and felt very unhappy. I couldn't sleep, the doctors ordered sleeping pills. I had often pain in my stomach. I started to gain weight from my all life level of 55kg up to 61kg (163 cm). I was coughing an irritating kind of cough that didn't let me sleep or concentrate on work. Different doctors had different opinions what it was: allergic reactions or asthma or bronchi. I tried different pills but none helped. I kept the flat extremely clean but nothing changed. It was at this point the book of Dr Kwasniewski, Optimal Diet, came to my attention. I read it and decided to try this somewhat surprising diet. (Surprising because it is in many ways opposite to what modern food science is teaching us, but at the same time the most consistent and giving answers to the question why people are ill in different illnesses)
Now I have been optimal for 1 year and 8 month. I am 60 years old and I have never been better in my life. ALL the above health problems are gone. My hands and legs are warm like never before, the legs never swell, the blood pressure is 130/80. The thyroid gland looks almost normal again. The coughing disappeared after three days and never showed again. I have lots of energy, never feel tired. Since 7 month I weight 53 kg and have a figure of a young woman. I fall asleep easily and I wake up fit for fight (I couldn't get up before) My nails are strong, I don't fall anymore and my hands are steady. The sun allergy is gone (I had it for 26 years).
Since I started be optimal I haven't been ill, even if I was close to flu infected people. I eat twice a day and I never experience the desperate kind of hunger that I experienced every day before I became optimal. About two month after being optimal I felt severe pain somewhere around left lover chest. After a while it disapeared and I didn't feel it again. In another of Kwasniewski's books I read later about these symptoms. It was probably gallstones making their way out of my body. This way of eating has changed my life from miserable to full, happy life. Nowadays I can not imagine to eat in another way, I don't long for anything else than what I eat today. But if one wants to start this diet she/he has to take time to understand it and make it right from the beginning, even if it's tedious (weighting, counting, making right menus) the first 3 month. It pays of better than anything else I came across in my life.




6.18 PM

Re: Opimal Diet (re: Optimal Diet - Anita)  

I am 67 years old. I was diagnosed with diabetes 18 years ago. I started with three pills daily which after some time the doses were increased to six pills and finely I had to use insulin.
From the beginning I observed very strictly the diet prescribed by a dietician mainly:
avoid fat, specially an animal saturated fat, butter, cream, full cream milk, eggs etc. etc.
I was allowed to eat all vegetables, fruits, margarine, peas and beans and all grain products.
On the above diet, my insulin doses grew with years, from 12 units to 50 units daily and also grew my weight.
Four years ago, I came into possession of three books about optimal diet devised and implemented by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski. Polish medical doctor.
Immediately, together with my wife we implemented this healthy way of eating - low carbohydrates and high fat diet.
After few days on the diet my wife's migraine ceased completely and never came back.
From the first day I reduced the doses of insulin by 50% and after few weeks by further 50% at present I am on six units of rapid insulin taken evening. Reducing the consumption of milk products except butter my blood sugar has been lowered by about 1 mmol/L. Morning, my blood sugar is between 4.5 - 6.0 mmol/L.
My weight dropped by 16 kg from 83 to 67 kg at the height of 175 cm.
Again I feel that I have feet and toes.
My ophthalmologist does not see any diabetic changes in my eyes.
Reducing the weight my problem with back has gone.
All of these thanks to Dr Jan Kwasniewski and his optimal diet.





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