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It is a type of auto-aggression disease caused exclusively by improper nutrition. It belongs to a group of anti-atherosclerotic syndromes, it is a typical "poor-pasture" disease.
It is unknown, for instance, in India, it occurs very rarely in Hindu people who immigrated to England, but is common in the children of these immigrants as it is in the children of native English. In India one could not eat so poorly as to have MS, but in England can, and also can in Poland.
In the poor countries there is not so much of a bad food, that the nervous system to rebel, and the body to destroy it. In the wealthy countries such food is plentiful. The disease changes occur in the brain, cerebellum, and the spinal cord. The disease starts very often with the vision disturbances. Every person, especially young, who perceives temporary vision problem should be aware that it could be the beginning of MS. In particular, the doctor should remember about that, especially ophthalmologist. The disease develops relapsing and recurring attacks, almost always leading to incapacitation and premature death. At present the disease is incurable.
Many and various medicines used to treat MS are practically useless, often harmful, and some are very expensive.

The SM patients should not be sent to sanatoria because the stay and the treatment used there are in most cases harmful. When I worked in one, I hardly saw a patient with MS. I remember, in 1978 a girl who suffered from SM for two years brought to me on a stretcher. She had already visited a few hospitals and clinics, the disease was advancing very quickly. Her hands were crippled, and she did not walk for a few months. She said: "I know , that I am suffering from an incurable disease, and none of the treatment will help me". I convinced her mother to give the diet a try. After introducing the diet the girl conditions improved quickly, after 3 months she started to walk, and after 7 month she was already cured. After 2 years she got married and later gave birth to three healthy babies - she is healthy.
In following years, more patients with MS were coming. Is every one suffering from MS able to cure oneself from this disease? Unfortunately, no. The disease attacks the nervous system. The pathological changes in the nervous system, if are large, cannot be reversed.
The patients who had apoplectic stroke very often have their limbs on right or left side totally paralysed. After a short time the paralysis becomes gradually hemiparesis, which are getting gradually smaller, and often abates completely. The same principles apply to the improvement of the nervous system affected by MS. Especially, in th early stages, when cells which have stopped functioning are not destroyed yet. When we improve their supply in "spare parts" and energy, very often their function recuperates and the symptoms of the disease retreats or abates. The persons suffering from MS they have a very low immunity to infections. Some studies have show that viral and bacterial infections exist in them up to 90 times more often than normally.
What the patient can benefit on optimal diet? The benefits may include:

1. A total cure from the disease, which often happens if the disease does not last long. Sometimes, the retreat of the advanced disease lasting up to 5 years is possible.
2. Always the progress of the disease is stopped.
3. There is always the improvement in the physical condition and retreat of the disease symptoms.
4. Practically, new attacks of the disease will never happen when optimal nutrition is continued indefinitely.
5. After few months, appears the highest immunity from infections as catarrh, influenza (flu), cold, fever blisters, angina will practically never happen.

Optimal nutrition is the casual treatment from MS. The arteries in the hands and particularly in the legs are greatly narrowed in persons with MS. Consequently the limbs are cold. Very good and quick results are achieved when additionally the selective currents are used to dilate the arteries and improve the blood circulation. Most often, after a few sessions the hands or feet becomes warm and the muscle strength quickly improves. Usually, only one session of the selective currents is sufficient, provided the optimal diet is implemented by the patient. Sometimes, the selective currents sessions may need to be repeated after one or few years. In some cases, the improvement in the health can be very quick.
One of the first patients in Arkadia was a young man, 26 years old who suffered from MS for 7 years. His vision remained distorted, his upper and lower limbs were incapacitated. He could walk very slowly with the help of crutches. He arrived on the 2nd of November 1987. On the 9th he was able to walk with a walking stick, from the 10th he walked without the stick. On the 12th he went dancing and then he played table tennis. After 2 months, already at home, not only withdrew all the visual disturbances but also all symptoms of the disease. His current condition - healthy.
Such speedy recovery did not occur in all patients. Arkadia admitted 212 people suffering MS - 131 women and 81 men. The women average age was 36 years (from 13 to 63), the average year of contracting the disease was 28.5 years (from 10 to 57), and the average length of the disease was 7.5 years (from 1 to 23 ).
The incapacitation or the paralysis of the lower limbs had every patient,
cold legs occurred in 128,
vison disturbances in 98,
hand incapacitation in 86,
balance disturbances in 56,
urination problem in 14,
speech abnormalities in 4,
There were also associated diseases including:
neurasthenia 29,
urine incontinence 26,
obesity 22
and single cases of : migraine, psoriasis, ulcer disease.
The so-called diseases of civilisation practically were absent.
For men the average age was 37.5 years (from 22 to 55), the average year of contracting the disease was 25.5 (from 16 to 46), and the average length of the disease was 12.1 years (from 1 to 32).
The incapacitation or the paralysis of the lower limbs had every patient,
cold legs occurred in 75,
hand incapacitation in 53,
vison disturbances in 52,
balance disturbances in 28,
swallowing disturbances in 4,
speech abnormalities in 1,
urination problem in 13.
The obesity occurred in 11,
neurasthenia in 9,
ulcer disease in 4,
hypertension in 4,
and single cases of : psoriasis, brucellosis, coronary heart disease, asthma, migraine.
The patients who could not be admitted to the "Arkadia" because they could not walk, they treated themselves with optimal diet at home when they could walk they came for the treatment by the selective currents. A man who could not walk for two years, came to "Arkadia" after one year on optimal diet, he was able to walk unaided. The other man in similar circumstances came after only three months.
The pain associated with the degenerative alteration of the spinal column occurred in 28 patients, retreated in 22, and abated in 6 patients. During the 12 days, the strength of lower limbs, measured by a stress test, increased by 68 % (from 20 to 180 %).
The improvement was greater than that ever achieved in those affected by atherosclerosis of the lower limbs or Buerger's disease.
Obese patients lost on average 3.4 kg (from 2 to 8 kg), underweight patients gained on average 2.6 kg (from 1 to 5 kg).
In a period of 2 weeks it was possible to halt the disease and obtain bigger or smaller health improvement and efficiency. In those, who use the optimal diet at home the gradual improvement takes place up to two years.
Here are some fragments from the Book of Remembrance in "Arkadia" by the MS patients.

1. When my disease became incurable I have lost all my hope. You dear Doctor have fulfilled the hope with essence whose name is optimal diet. Now, I think differently, my hope is not only the mother but also the wisdom. Thank you for this, with the psychical health will come somatic health also.
H. N. 16 November 1987 (after 6 month optimal nutrition at home)

2. I have MS. I am on the optimal diet for 6 month. From that time I do not have any problem with my stomach-ache and the liver (before the diet I had the pain very often). From that time I did not have a cold or flu. Now, I am composed and cheer-full thanks to the diet.

3. I am 30 years old. I have been suffering on MS from 1973. I had acute headache and pain in the spine column. I also had the liver and pancreas disorder. I was worry that I cannot withstand the optimal diet, and to my surprise and satisfaction my liver and pancreas stopped giving me problem. My headache after 4 days of the selective currents sessions has ceased and pain in my spine column gradually decreasing. I am living "Arkadia" full of hope that using the optimal diet I will never make use of wheel chair.
B.B. from Torun

4. I am 35 years old. I have MS for 10 years. The treatment of the disease by well known specialists did not produce any improvement. The deterioration of my health so that I was not able to walk, my right leg was totally immobilised. I came to "Arkadia" on 2nd February 1988. It was for me the last chance. Doctor Jan Kwaniewski greeted me heartily and assured me that the progress of the disease will be stopped and the further treatment at home will bring improvements in my health. To my surprise, I have noticed first symptoms of the improvements on the 6 day of my stay in "Arkadia". I was able to make first few steps. The following days, brought further changes. At present, I can raise my leg up to the window-sill, this is 10th day of my treatment. It is unfortunate the the knowledge of dr. J. Kwasniewski is not made more known but is just not recognised.

But, it must be like that. Socrates knew about that when he said: crowd is not able to be a lover of the wisdom, namely those who adhere to the wisdom, crowd must condemn, and those unprofessionals, being in contact with the crowd, try to endear themselves to them, and they have to denounce the wisdom".

Amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
This is a terrible disease, fortunately not very common, its lead to the death of the patient within 2 years from the onset of the disease. It is similar to MS auto-aggression disease, which is characterised by progressive degeneration of corticospinal tracks and/or anterior horn cells and/or bulbar motor nuclei. It causes the decline of swallowing and paralysis of respiratory system. In "Arkadia" 15 patients have been treated from ALS.
Muscle dystrophy occurred in 12 patients,
cold feet had 11,
walking disturbances 11,
a total paralysis of the hands 4 and leg 3,
speech abnormalities 8,
swallowing disturbances 8,
balance disturbance 8,
incontinence 3.
In all patients appeared substantial improvement in health and general condition to a grater degree than that observed in patients with MS.
Here it is an example:

When I came to "Arkadia" with my husband, his hands and legs were totally immobilised, his head was dropping down, swallowing disturbances, atrophic tongue and , and considerable speech abnormalities. After 3 weeks of staying in "Arkadia" his muscles started to grow again, his hands regain the normal shape, and he start moving them. He stopped to choke and can swallow the food, his speech is more understandable. He start to walk, the spine column is stronger.
During my stay I cured my liver and migraine on which I suffered for many years.

Such immense improvement and in such short time should not happen. However, it happens.

Notice. Patients with MS and ALS should consume the brains, bone or spinal marrow for the first few weeks. It is sufficient to have 150 grams per week and later less.

Dr. Jan Kwasniewski


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