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It is a common opinion that asthma and other allergic diseases are caused by certain allergens: dust, feather, dust mites, cats' fur, pollen, and some foods. This opinion is wrong. All of us come into contact with these or other allergens, but only a few of us get the disease. In order to suffer from asthma one has to have a certain "fault" within the body, which is not present in those who do not get ill. The cause of that "fault" is a certain kind of nutrition, which results in the localised domination of the parasympathetic system within the respiratory organ.
Traditionally, the treatment of asthma attacks has involved the administration of adrenaline, the drug that is overproduced in the body during the domination of the sympathetic system. Other drugs, which inhibited the domination of the parasympathetic system, were also used. Most often atropine.
Is it possible to cure asthma in 2-3 days permanently? Yes, it is possible if the optimal diet is implemented and the selective type S electric currents are used. Correct nutrition alone will also cure asthma, but that takes a little more time.
And here is a fragment of a letter from one of those who benefited from it.

I have been employing the optimal diet for the last 6 months. I was suffering from asthma and a strong neurosis. I began to lose hair - because of that I felt very depressed. Only after a month of the optimal nutrition the asthma and neurosis were gone. The hair loss has stopped too; indeed the growth has improved.
Stefan Duk, (address withheld)
Other forms of allergic reaction can also be successfully "treated" with the optimal nutrition. The excerpt from a letter cited below illustrates the expected effect.
For many years I have been suffering from allergic reactions, particularly during the time of pollination of trees and grasses. I had chronic catarrh. I have been following the optimal diet for one year. The allergy has abated completely as did the other health problems. All of my family is sticking with the optimal diet.
Zenon Laga, (address withheld)

Krosno, 02.11.1988
From July, together with my husband, I have been implementing the optimal diet. Until then we had been eating a "pasture-like" diet. The results were disastrous. My husband is 44 y.o. and is very sick. He underwent an operation on the thyroid gland and eyes but he has been mostly suffering from asthma which he developed about 10 years ago.
My husband has slimmed down 15 kg and his condition has dramatically improved. He is able to sleep at night, but I have to add that during the last 3 years he could not have survived without hydrocortisone injections, on occasion even given twice a day. These past times were very tough for us. At present, we are slowly getting used to a new, better reality.
As well as asthma, the flatulence is gone, he no longer has a stomach like a balloon; the pains in his stomach and liver are also gone.
I suffered from kidney stones, neurosis, heart pains, stomach pains and flatulence, and inflammation states of the bladder. My weight was 96 kg.
After a week of the diet, for the next two weeks I was passing sand,- I was afraid of a kidney stone so I went and had a contrast X-ray done, but already there was no trace of a stone.
H. S. (Mrs)
Letter shortened

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