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Any excess of carbohydrate, above the daily requirement (needed to prevent ketosis), is converted by the body to fat, provided energy requirements are met by other components. The main exception from that rule is the state of obesity. In such a case, the proportion between protein and fat should be changed to 1 : 2 in the initial period of 3-4 weeks (by the increase in protein and the reduction in a fat intake), in order to stimulate the catabolism of the stored fat. The amount of carbohydrate should be kept low, preferably at no more then 50 g/day. Subsequently, when the weight loss is well on the way, the amounts of protein and fat can be adjusted to the ideal proportion.
The best products to be eaten while on the Optimal Diet are animal-sourced products, including eggs, cheeses, cream, meats, and all types of animal fat. The best fats are saturated ones, however, vegetable oil rich in monounsaturated fats (e.g., olive oil, or some nut oils) are also good. Products containing predominantly or exclusively polyunsaturated fats or trans-saturated fats (i.e., the margarine) should be avoided because of deleterious effect on health.
For more comprehensive description of the principles of the Optimal Diet, weight loss-focused adjustments to it and types of products, which should be eaten.

Therapeutic achievements of the Optimal Diet
In over 30 years since he began practicing his unusual dietary approach to treatment of disease, many people with diseases officially classified as "incurable" approached Jan Kwasniewski MD for help. Below is a list some diseases, which will respond to "treatment" by the Optimal Diet. These claims are not based on few cases, but rather on hundreds or thousands of cases treated by Jan Kwasniewski using the Optimal Diet in combination with the selective currents.
A high cure rates were observed in: Buerger's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew's disease, Reynaud's syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease (CAD), hypertension, neurasthenia, diabetes ( both type I and II), atherosclerosis, deforming osteoarthrosis diseases of the digestive system, including stomach ulcer and colitis, chronic failure of the heart muscle, psoriasis, gout, allergic diseases, including asthma, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the two latter cases, the Optimal Diet stops the progression of the disease and leads to an improvement in health in every case, to a degree achievable depending on the organic damage to the brain and/or peripheral neurones.
These results can only be treated officially as anecdotal because they have been gathered as single cases and not through officially sanctioned clinical trials. But all attempts, except one, by Jan Kwasniewski to conduct clinical trials or to publish case reports have been met with the official boycott by the medical "establishment" in Poland.



In 1984 I had a stroke (cerebral haemorrhage) which caused a right side paralysis. Despite taking an enormous quantity of various medicines, receiving massages, doing exercises and using special antisclerosis diets my health has deteriorated slowly. My cholesterol level has been high 400 mg% (10 mmol/l). I had high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and could only be moved in a wheelchair.
My right hand was always cold and twisted, I could not move my fingers, and my leg was also cold and inert. The speech was inarticulate, and my face distorted. In addition, my psychological state was very poor due to fear and heart pain. I had to get up 5-6 times at night to urinate. I was told by the doctor that this was a consequence of very bad circulatory failure.
I did not want to live. I even collected sleeping-pills to poison myself. Accidentally, I found out about the Health Academy "Arkadia" in Ciechocinek and miraculously I managed to be accepted as the last person for a two week fixed period treatment. It was end of April 1988. After three days being on Optimal Diet I stopped being hungry. My health, efficiency and well being progressed rapidly. My weight dropped by 12 kg in six months and I still keep this weight.
I have received Selective Current sessions to my paralysed hand and leg. After four sessions my hand became warm and fingers straightened. My leg warmed up, the cyanosis and swelling cleared and I could walk better every day. Now I know how a human should live, and from that time I live like a human.
Longin Majzner (Mr)

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